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Previously Pro Only!   Esthetician-Grade Skin Renewal with the MBK RF Device

Experience the dramatic anti-aging benefits of radio frequency skin renewal from the comfort of home with MBK’s innovative, easy-to-use device.

This powerful device uses concentrated 500kHz radio frequency energy and deeply penetrating 800nm infrared light to gently heat and stimulate collagen production in your deeper skin layers.

The result? Firmer, tighter, more contoured skin with reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Clinical studies show outstanding improvements in skin tone, elasticity and facial contours with regular use.

Why Professionals Recommend Our Device:

  • Multi-point RF applicators target treatment areas quickly and effectively
  • Integrated infrared enhances collagen stimulation
  • Cordless/portable design allows quick treatments anytime
  • Inductive technology activates only when probes touch skin
  • Adjustable low/medium/high settings customize treatments
  • Indicator lights display charging status and completion
  • Treatments are fast, painless and require no downtime

Previously available only to professionals, our device now allows you to experience dramatic skin renewal results from home. Spa-strength technology delivers soothing treatments with an easy handheld device.

Important Usage Instructions:

This powerful device was previously for professional use only. While safe and effective when instructions are carefully followed, strict adherence is necessary to avoid potential injury from misuse.

Please review all instructions thoroughly prior to first use. Use only as directed. You assume full responsibility for proper use of this device. We cannot be held liable for any injury resulting from failure to follow instructions.

Experience the skin you've always dreamed of. Order your at-home RF device today!

Read full instructions

Watch Christine's step-by-step instructional video

Backed by a 2-year warranty

Product Specification: 500 KHz
Power supply AC100-240V
Output DC: 5V 1A
Power consumption 5W
Dimensions 157x40x42mm
Weight 150g

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