HOUSE OF PLLA® HOP+ Promoter Repair Eye & Lip Cream - 15mL


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This unique blend of PLLA, Volufiline, 4GF, PDRN is nothing short of AMAZING!

This eye cream has the same PLLA as other PLLA products found here but in a formula ideal for the fine lines and crow's feet in the eye area.  This luxurious eye cream creates exquisite hydration. Your eyes will appear smoother and firmer with continued use.

What is Volufiline?

It is an extract from the roots of asian botanical Anemarrhena Asphodeloides, in an oil-soluble excipient. It promotes body volume by a cosmetic lipofilling-like effect. It stimulates adipocyte differentiation and proliferation and promotes lipid storage leading to an increase of adipocyte volume in the fatty tissues. In other words, results similar to fillers over time.

What is PDRN?

PDRN skin treatments are a type of skin injectable, comprising bioengineered molecules called Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN). This ingredient helps reverse signs of aging through promoting skin repair.

What is PLLA?

Poly-l-lactic acid is used to create structure, framework, and add volume to the face. PLLA is known as a bio-stimulator which means it stimulates your own skin to produce new collagen. Over time your skin breaks down PLLA into water and carbon dioxide. The effects of PLLA appear gradually over a few months, producing natural results.

What is 4GF?

Growth factors (GF) are natural proteins made by skin cells to maintain healthy skin. They are responsible for aiding in the repair of damaged skin, return skin to a more firm condition and have more bounce and to maintain skin's protective functions. They are NOT Growth Hormones.

How to Use:

I find this product spreads generously so while the manufacturer states dispense a generous amount, I find using a tiny amount goes A LONG WAY! Gently massage the eye area with the applicator until absorbed into skin. Use AM & PM. The intense moisture allows makeup to go on flawlessly.

Avoid getting this product IN your eyes or you will experience temporary blurriness from the oil in the product. It is SAFE and will dissipate quickly but may be best for contact wearers to reserve for under eye area treatment. 

HOUSE OF PLLA® HOP+ Promoter Repair Eye & Lip Cream - 15mL


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HOUSE OF PLLA® HOP+ Promoter Repair Eye & Lip Cream - 15mL

Customer Reviews

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Have been using eye cream for a week now. Use it throughout the day when I need additional hydration around my crows feet area and fine lines under my eyes. Thank you Christine for all your videos. It really helps us decide what product we may want to try based on our needs. Love the samples. You motivate me to take care of my skin.

I've tried TONS of eye creams and LOVE this one.

I am a bit of a skincare junky, especially eye creams. Of the dozens of eye products I've tried this is my top pick. It keeps my under eye area looking dewy and I'm getting fine lines in the crows feet area...those lines all but disappear after application.

Say good-bye to fine lines

I turned the big 5-0 this year and decided I was going to start pampering myself. (I will go down kicking and screaming as I refuse to let this aging BS get the better of me.)

I use this eye cream at night with the Neogenesis eye serum in the morning. I love how this reduces my fine lines lines and wrinkles. I also dab it on my nasolabial lines. I loved it so much, I purchased a bottle for my bestie.

Simply the best eye cream

I have been on the hunt for an eye cream that is hydrating and soothing to the under eye area. I am 58 with lines, dryness, and eczema in my eye area. Nothing seemed to work until PLLA. This product is awesome! My eyes have never looked better. The lines are smoother and redness has improved… I’ve only been using for a week! I have never spent this much money on a eye cream but let me say this this product is soo worth every penny.. in my opinion it’s simply the best!

Tétan Brannen
Fine Lines Be Gone!

I have tried countless under eye serums, and this is the only one I can say has given me results. At 46, my biggest concern is under eye dark circles- which is due to loss of volume, and while I can’t say this has made them disappear, I definitely see some improvement there. The biggest effect I have seen is the minimizing and near-elimination of fine lines around my eyes. I was just starting to get them and they are pretty much gone! A definite keeper. Just a little bit goes a long way for me.