Dr esthé C. Tox Retinol Eye Cream 25mL


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Now you can get brightening and detoxification for the eyes!

This product has a hydrating, non-sticky texture that is creamy smooth. The generous size of 25mL has a useful dispenser allowing a precise application so you don't waste product. You'll love this for your eyes, but you'll also enjoy it on forehead and smile lines too.

Great for those who are worried about wrinkles around the eyes, both for improvement and prevention. Wonderful for those who experience puffiness in the morning. Magical for those who want help with dark circles or dull pigmentation in the eye area when used regularly.

Dr. Esthé C. Tox Eye Cream contains two patented ingredients Lift Oleoactif© and Look Oleoactif©, plus 3% caffeine, 0.01% retinol, and avocado fruit extract for depuffing, brightening and lifting you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! 

Look Oleoactif© is a vasoconstrictor for the treatment of eye bags made of Oleic acid, terminalia arjuna extract, and lecithin. These ingredients greatly improve skin elasticity strengthening weakened, aged skin. It brightens dark spots and prevents puffiness and redness by protecting weak blood vessels with continued use.

Lift Oleoactif© tightens and strengthens skin for anti-aging refining fine lines, a lifting effecting and reconstruction of collagen network for firm and smooth skin surface. This consists of carthamus tinctorius seed oil, spilanthe acmella flower, leaf, stem extract, astragalus membranaceus root extract, ubiquinone and tocopherol.

Caffeine at 3% is 3 times the antioxidant power of green tea polyphenols to restore skin youthfulness. It also increases blood circulation to remove toxic waste, and skin-soothing by providing deep moisture.

Retinol, vitamin A, is at a safe 0.01% is effective for anti-aging, reduce irritation, brighten skin tone improving skin turnover cycle with continued use. Always wear sunscreen when used in the morning.

How to Use

You would apply this cream AFTER you apply any eye serum(s). Gently squeeze the tube to carefully dispense the product onto fingertip and pat in the area of the eyes you wish to treat. Move in C-shaped movement to GENTLY massage into skin. Apply to upper and lower eye area. Can be used AM and PM. Apply sunscreen if applying in the AM.


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Dr esthé C. Tox Retinol Eye Cream 25mL

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