Refund, Cancellation & Exchange Policies


Effective June 15, 2020 our refund policy has been updated. Seller reserves the right to troubleshoot with Shopper prior to approval of a return or exchange. Terms in this policy may be updated from time to time so please revisit to stay up to date.

Product Refund Policy & Procedures

Shopper may request a refund in the form of store credit for any reason on  purchases at Christine Byer Esthetics online retail store up to 21 calendar days from the date the USPS tracking system states the product was delivered. 

This means if the product sits unopened for any period of time, those days are counted in the 21 calendar days.

There will be no exceptions to this timeline. Please open and begin using your product(s) right away.

Store credit will be the manner in which all refund requests are honored. The store credit amount will be the equivalent of the price of the product less any applicable discount, shipping, or taxes. The Store Credit will not expire and will be redeemable for as long as Christine Byer Esthetics online retail store is in business. Only one discount can be used per visit. This means a Store Credit cannot be used with any other discount.

How to Process a Refund Request

  1. Shoppers must send email to no later than Midnight Eastern Standard Time of the 21st day post delivery as described above. The email must contain the order number and the reason customer desires a refund. If we cannot confirm your original order, we will not be able to process a refund. 
  2. All original contents of the product must be returned to be eligible for a Store Credit. This means if there is a cord, bag, adapter, accompanying product, box, lid, etc., it must be returned.
  3. It is advised to return the package with tracking and/or signature required. If package is lost, Shopper will not be eligible for a store credit.
  4. Within 72 hours after receipt of the returned product, Shopper will receive an email containing a Store Credit Notification that may be used toward any purchase in the Christine Byer Esthetics online retail store.


If Shopper cancels an order AFTER it has shipped, Shopper may return shipment UNOPENED and at his/her expense for a full refund, less any applicable discount, shipping, or taxes. This refund is different than the Store Credit of returns noted in above section of this page.

Unopened means the original shipping box has NOT been opened.

If, upon receipt, we determine the shipment has been opened and product has been used, NO REFUND will be issued. 



If any product arrives in an inoperable state, e.g, broken, malfunctioning, leaking, or not dispensing properly, Seller will work with Shopper for an Exchange. 

How to Process a Request for Exchange  

  1. Send an email to WITHIN 48 HOURS OF DELIVERY as defined by the USPS delivery confirmation for product damaged in shipment - or found to be inoperable - include the order number and the reason for exchange request. 
  2. Attach PROOF of damage, or inoperable condition, using any camera to take a picture or record a video. Without such proof an exchange will not be approved.
  3. Upon receipt of proof as outlined herein, Seller will review and respond to your claim within 72 hours.
  4. Once an exchange is approved, Seller will email a return shipping label.
  5. Shopper is to print the label and return the product IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING via your LOCAL POST OFFICE.
  6. Shopper must use the shipping label provided. If product is lost and shopper has failed to use the provided shipping label this will result in denial of your request for Exchange.
  7. Seller will process an approved exchange within 72 hours upon receipt of returned damaged or inoperable product.

Shopper understands Seller has sole discretion to approve or deny the exchange based on proof submitted. Shopper agrees the date of delivery will be the USPS tracking information on 

If a shopper returns a product that has not been approved for exchange, Shopper is hereby notified no refund or exchange will be issued.

Returned product is destroyed for hygienic purposes, or sent back to manufacturer if it is a device that is found to be defective.