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Clareblend Mini Microcurrent

The Clareblend Mini Microcurrent is safe to use on a daily basis. How long you use it depends on your needs and the number of areas you want to treat. A full face/neck/décolleté treatment takes 45 minutes but you can also use it for only 15 minutes daily in trouble spots. Not to worry though. The Clareblend Mini Microcurrent is very gentle and has a built in variable amperage to prevent muscle fatigue. This features is what sets the Clareblend Mini Microcurrent apart from other microcurrent devices on the market. To learn more, or to watch exclusive how-to videos, and to explore how others are using the Mini, I recommend joining the Christine Byer Beauty Club or spending some time watching videos on Youtube.

The Clareblend Mini Microcurrent is designed with a safe variable frequency so it is rare to feel a sensation on the skin. It will not over stimulate by zapping the muscle. When the device is plugged in, it is designed to beep when current is flowing. It cannot beep, if current is not flowing.

Current is continuously flowing at variable amperages when the MINI is connected to a power source.

You can use a piece of aluminum foil to test the device. With the Mini plugged in, and without conducting gel, place Mini on aluminum foil with both probes touching the foil. You will hear a beep. Continue holding device in place, wait for at least 10 seconds to hear additional beeps. This indicates the Mini has current flowing.

A multimeter does not and cannot measure the high frequency pulses that the Mini generates. A better instrument to verify the operation of the Mini is to use an oscilloscope which must be done with a “patient” load placed across the two electrodes.

The Clareblend Mini Microcurrent facial procedure is intended for facial stimulation and should not be used if the following indications are present:

- Pregnancy
- Seizures
- Cancer or tumors
- Cardiac pacemaker, or any electronic implanted defibrillator, simulators, or electronic devices as possible interference with these devices may occur
- Do not use if prone to phlebitis, thrombosis, or on varicose veins

Use Clareblend Mini Microcurrent only on normal skin. Do not use on skin that is swollen, infected, or has cancerous lesions.

Clareblend Mini Microcurrent is designed for cosmetic use only and for individuals in good health.

As with any medical condition or after facial surgery of any kind, please consult your physician before use.

Clareblend Mini Microcurrent is for adult use only and should be kept out of the reach of children.

Seek approval from your medical provider and wait a minimum of 10 days before using the Clareblend Mini Microcurrent after the following procedures:

- Botox
- Injections and/or fillers
- Microneedling - Use after skin has fully healed.

I've written an entire blog post on this topic. You can read it here.

Here is an entire blog post on this topic. You can read it here.

The MUSCLES are what benefits the most from Microcurrent by toning and lifting with deeper electrical stimulation. Toning MUSCLES with microcurrent will create longer lasting LIFT than the TMP. Microcurrent will also boost collagen and improve skin texture but it is not seen as fast as with the TMP.

You will get some lift with the Time Master Pro with continued use. The lift will not be as deep as you will get with Microcurrent.

The SKIN is what benefits the most from the ULTRASOUND in Time Master Pro. The cascading effect of sound waves creates an almost immediate plumping effect that lessens wrinkles, fine lines, and improves the texture of the skin and it boosts collagen production. With continued use the effects on the SKIN last longer and longer. 

It is important to choose an OIL-FREE conducting gel to use with the Clareblend Mini Microcurrent

My preferred conducting gel is HydraLift Conducting Gel & Mask.

Here's a video review on HydraLift.

TIP: You can use any oil-free product containing minerals to improve conduction. Apply oil-free product on clean face, follow with conducting gel. Wipe excess product off face with lukewarm water when done and then apply your regular skincare products.

Here's an entire blog post on How to select a conducting gel.

Many of our customers are using both these devices and achieving amazing results. The TMP is used 2 times a week for a duration of 10 minutes each day. The Clareblend Mini Microcurrent can be used daily. Even if only using the Mini for a 10-minute microcurrent treatment each day for your trouble spots (as opposed to treating the entire face at 45 minutes) customers see improvements with continued use. Results are cumulative.

On days you're using both devices, use the TMP first, followed by microcurrent. It is best not to use any device IMMEDIATELY AFTER microcurrent, so you don't undo the results you just achieved.

Time Master Pro

Contraindications of Time Master Pro:

For external use only and not to exceed the recommended maximum of 10 minutes.

- Do not use on broken skin or skin with inflammation, weeping or soreness or on a severe sunburn

-Should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing.

-Do not use over metal pins and plates

-Consult a physician before using with pathological skin conditions, a heart beat regulating medication / heart complaints, have a pacemakers or other battery operated and electrical implant, or if you have a neurological disorders including epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, cancer, autoimmune condition, diagnosed heart condition. 

-Not for use on or by children between 12 and 17 years old without parental supervision and not recommended for children under the age of 12.


Do not use the Time Master Pro with any other electronic medical devices(s), such as: Pacemakers and other implanted type electronic devices, pump-oxygenators and other electronic medical equipment designed for sustentation, electrocardiographs and other electronic medical devices to be worn by the patient or an implant or an intrauterine contraceptive device.

Do not use the Time Master Pro without prior approval from your healthcare practitioner if are/have:

-Pregnant or menstruating

- Tumor

-Thyroid problems

-Metallic implants


-Open wounds or sores

-Temperature over 100.4 Fahrenheit

-Cardiac health conditions

-Extreme hypertension

-Cerebral Infarction

-Contagious Dermatitis

-En-topic Eermatitis



-Folliculate acne

-Furunculous Carbuncle

-General Lupus


-General Sclerosis

-Madison’s Disease

-Bleeding illnesses or Injuries as ultrasound will increase blood circulation

Christine demonstrates how to operate the Time Master Pro in this video: https://youtu.be/RMfDi-xPGxM

Yes, keeping in mind to use the TMP for a maximum of 10 minutes 2 times a week per manufacturer's instructions.  When using the Time Master Pro Ultrasound+LED with the Clareblend Mini Microcurrent, always use the Mini last to avoid undoing the lifting results of the microcurrent. For best practice, use TMP in the morning, and Clareblend Mini Microcurrent in the evening.

We've posted the entire list of contraindications to review at your convenience. You will find them here. 

Some report sensitivities when using the TMP with dental implants, while some do not. If this happens, you should avoid the area or go very lightly over this area. The TMP does not generate excessive heat so there's no risk of heating up the implants. The potential for discomfort is in the ultrasound vibrations.

Always consult the medical professional who performed your treatment for Botox aftercare. CBE believes it is best to wait 10 days following Botox, or any filler or injectables. If you proceed, by all means, use the lightest pressure in the treated areas or avoid the treated areas altogether.

No. The Time Master Pro is ULTRASOUND technology, it is not RF. Ultrasound is sound waves that cannot be heard with the human ear. The Time Master Pro is professional grade ultrasound at 90,000 SOUND WAVES per second and does not produce any significant heat.

RF is radio frequency technology at various wavelengths per second. It is measured on the “electromagnetic spectrum”, which includes things like WiFi signals, radio and TV waves, and microwave ovens. The RF energy used in skin tightening is in the ballpark of 450 kilohertz (kHz). This is on the slow end of the RF range. RF carries a risk for burns if performed incorrectly. Learn more about the differences between Ultrasound and RF here: 


You will get some lift with the Time Master Pro with continued use. The lift will not be as deep as you will get with Microcurrent.

The SKIN is what benefits the most from the ULTRASOUND in Time Master Pro. The cascading effect of sound waves creates an almost immediate plumping effect that lessens wrinkles, fine lines, and improves the texture of the skin and it boosts collagen production. With continued use the effects on the SKIN last longer and longer. 

The MUSCLES are what benefits the most from Microcurrent by toning and lifting with deeper electrical stimulation. Toning MUSCLES with microcurrent will create longer lasting LIFT. Microcurrent will also boost collagen and improve skin texture but it seen as fast as with the TMP.

You may use the Sculplla Promoter Collagen Gel that comes with the device. This gel will "work" the skin so it will produce more collagen.

My preferred conducting gel is HydraLift Conducting Gel & Mask because of the nourishing and hydrating effects on skin. It doesn't "work" the skin, instead it hydrates and soothes. 

Here's a video review on HydraLift.

The conducting medium you choose needs to be GEL-BASED for ULTRASOUND (sound waves) to penetrate into the skin. Failure to use conducting gel will void the warranty.

You can apply other products PRIOR TO applying a gel-based conducting product when using the Time Master Pro. The sound waves will drive the ingredients deeper into the skin. Be sure to choose products with clean or natural ingredients. 

Many of our customers are using both these devices and achieving amazing results. The TMP is used 2 times a week for a duration of 10 minutes each day. The Clareblend Mini Microcurrent can be used daily. Even if only using the Mini for a 10-minute microcurrent treatment each day for your trouble spots (as opposed to treating the entire face at 45 minutes) customers see improvements with continued use. Results are cumulative.

On days you're using both devices, use the TMP first, followed by microcurrent. It is best not to use any device IMMEDIATELY AFTER microcurrent, so you don't undo the results you just achieved.


No. There are no known contraindications. NeoGenesis products are safe for all skin types and all skin conditions. Additionally, all NeoGenesis products are safe for pregnant women. Use as you normally would as no changes are needed due to pregnancy or breastfeeding.

NeoGenesis gets the tissue that contains the adult stem cells from tissue banks within the United States. The tissue is from adult donors and is SKIN stem cells. It is carefully tested and the process is highly regulated by the FDA.

NeoGenesis products contain reverse-engineered molecules from adult human stem cells, that reside in the deep dermal layer and subcutaneous layer of the skin. These are the stem cells in the skin that repair and maintain our skin throughout our lifetime.

The S²RM® (Stem cell Released Molecules) technology captures a full and natural “system” of known molecules. This means when placed in these product formulas, the skin recognizes and uses them to return skin to a state of healthy homeostasis. Using the correct set of adult stem cell types resident in the skin, not stem cell types from other parts of the body, is the key to the NeoGenesis technology.

Other technologies use the “one size fits all” approach. For example, one stem cell type from bone marrow or fat is used to develop the molecules for treating the skin. These lesser informed technologies provide sub-optimal results in the skin given those cells provide molecules to rebuild structures other than the skin. 

NeoGenesis works beautifully with all of my product lines. The key to success is to use the serums first, then layer other products over our serums. Because the patented technology has its own delivery system, it is important to use NeoGenesis products first for that delivery system to get into the deeper layers of the skin. 

If using Recovery for anti-aging purposes, apply once daily 3-4 times per week to your clean, slightly damp face, neck, and décolletage. Follow with your serum(s), then moisturizer.

If using Recovery for traumatized skin from an aggressive treatment, or wound repair, please use twice daily on your clean, slightly damp face, neck, and décolletage, and follow with NeoGenesis Intensive Moisture for best results.

Recovery contains 70% S²RM® and is the best choice for chronic conditions (eczema/psoriasis), acne scars, or severely damaged skin. Recovery supports advanced treatments and reduced recovery time and protects from burns during radiation. Recovery is ALWAYS applied before any other product. 

Booster contains 40% S²RM® and ideal for sensitive skin, Rosacea, dry/dehydrated skin. It provides long lasting hydration and skin repair, finish under makeup is beautiful, gently strengthens and repairs sensitive and rosacea prone skin.

Both are Oncology approved and rejuvenates and repairs aging skin.

NeoGenesis Intensive Moisturizer is an extra-rich formula that is created for those who require extra moisture to the skin. With 5% S²RM® Technology, plus potent antioxidants and peptides, this moisturizer helps support the barrier function and the retention of your skin’s natural moisture.

NeoGenesis Light Moisturizer is formulated for those with normal to oily skin or who live in more humid climates. It contains all the benefits of the NeoGenesis Intensive Moisturizer but is a lighter formulation. but still has 5% S²RM®.

NeoGenesis Booster contains 40% S2RM® and a concentrated amount of proteins, amino acids, and botanicals to boost the hydration factors in skin. Add one drop of Booster to your favorite moisturizer to increase hydration significantly.

NeoGenesis Skin Serum contains 20% S2RM® and is a preventative treatment containing potent antioxidants, peptides, and other innovative age management ingredients.

The 10ml bottle is expected to last approximately 3 weeks at twice per day use for the face and neck, or 6 weeks at once per day. That is using 6 normal drops to cover the entire area.

TIP: By using Moisturizing Mist first on clean skin, it will take fewer drops and there's no worry about dilution. Moisturizing Mist gives dry skin needed hydration so Recovery spreads easier. The two work wonderfully together and makes Recovery last longer.

Recovery 70%, Hair Serum 60%, NeoLash 60%, NeoBrow 60%, Booster 40%, Skin Serum 20%, Eye Serum 10%, Intensive Moisturizer 5%, Light Moisturizer 5%, Moisturizing Mist 1%, 

Yes. When using prescription Retin-A (tretinoin) of any strength, Please use Recovery, Booster, or Skin Serum at the opposite time of the day. It is best to use prescriptions alone or with a moisturizer. Using other retinol products, can be applied at opposite times of the day or apply the NeoGenesis serum first, then layer the retinol product next.

Yes. You may use Recovery before or after the red light therapy. There is no negative effect to an application of Recovery before the light treatment. Either before or after, Recovery supports a better result from LED therapy.

Yes. There are two ways to do so. One is to always apply the NeoGenesis first, then layer Triple C+ Gold afterwards. The exosomes immediately go to work deep within the skin so Triple C+ Gold will not damage or block the exosomes. The other way is to use NeoGenesis at one time of the day and Triple C+ Gold at the other time. Example: Triple C+ Gold in the AM and NeoGenesis in the PM.

Yes. Apply Recovery first, after cleansing, then layer the hyaluronic acid serum on top of the Recovery.

Yes. It may sting slightly but the stinging sensation is normal in this case and only lasts for a few seconds. 

Yes, it can be used before and after, and should be continued twice daily until healing is complete. If skin is very thin and damaged, it is recommended to use Recovery a month BEFORE micro-needling treatment for the best results.

Yes, it is Booster. It has double the stem cell released molecules of Skin Serum. Booster is very hydrating to the skin and provides a beautiful finish.

The skin is in a more fragile  after a chemical peel and care must be taken to not cause further damage. For a minimum of 2 weeks after the chemical peel, gently cleanse with NeoGenesis Cleanser, spritz the skin with NeoGenesis Moisturizing Mist, apply Recovery, and follow with the Barrier Renewal Cream. Follow this protocol twice daily. The peel will cause skin to be dry and peeling. Use Moisturizing Mist throughout the day will bring soothing relief.

Yes. The antioxidants are within the molecules. The molecules have what is called “antioxidant cascades”. They are part of the correctly folded proteins that make up the exosome technology. These antioxidants are very balanced and give the skin exactly what it needs. There are 2 forms of Vitamin C in the Moisturizing Mist but no other antioxidants are ADDED to the other NeoGenesis products. Instead, antioxidants are naturally occurring.

NeoGenesis Recovery has a high concentration of the S²RM® (stem cell released molecules) comprised of a high concentration of different types of proteins that have a light distinct scent. This product can be used where scent-free formulations are required and for those sensitive to scent in products. NeoGenesis Recovery contains no added scent that would mask the natural scent of the proteins. The scent dissipates quickly when applied to the skin. 

For overall better texture and overall skin health, results will be evident in a matter of days. For fine lines, wrinkles and a bit of sagging skin, scars, etc., it can take 60 to 90 days or longer to see changes to the structure of the skin. Skin *will* continue to improve over time using Recovery in your daily skin care routine.

No other similar product on the market has NeoLash contains 60% S²RM®. It is formulated for the hair follicle and is safe to use on upper and lower lids. It will not darken eyelids or change iris pigmentation and it is oncology approved.


Apply Caviplla, followed by Sculplla Repair Day Cream. Apply Sun Cushion either as a foundation or to support your foundation with SPF 50. Finish with a light spray of Sculplla Stem Cell Mist.

You may use any other of these products alone or together with other products.

For more tips, here’s a blog post with more information on layering

Yes but use very GENTLE exfoliants to avoid stripping the PLLA building in the skin. In other words, do not use deep chemical peels, abrasive scrubs, or high percentage of acid exfoliation. PLLA works by building up in the skin to boost collagen production. Stripping it out with harsh exfoliants will prevent the building process.

You can search the SculPLLA directory found here: 


CBE Botanicals

CBE Botanicals are custom-formulated skincare products. They are Christine's favorite formulas based on her 20+ years using products from all over the world. Browse CBE Botanicals.

Just Say Ahh is a revitalizing CLEANSER with Ginseng, Orchid Extract and Glyco-Proteins that is perfect for daily use to remove makeup and balanced PH cleansing.

Scrub Away the Day contains jojobo beads and is a GENTLE PH balanced SCRUB in a lotion-like cleanser with Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids of Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic. These natural acids loosen the bond of dead skin cells to accelerate the natural skin renewal process.

Yes! HydraLift Conducting Gel & Mask is my preferred conducting gel. The formula is extremely nourishing to the skin. It is not meant to "work" the skin, but instead provide nourishing support to the skin while using devices.  After entire treatment, wipe off any excess with warm washcloth. Follow with moisturizer or products of your choice. 

You can also use HydraLift Conducting Gel & Mask as a quick hydrating mask by applying to entire face, leaving on for 15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm (never hot) water.

The active ingredients of .03% Retinol Moist, Aeroleat Samphira (retinol alternative), Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, and Beta Glucan are delivered in an ENCAPSULATED formula making this product non-irritating, unlike other retinols that can be harsh on the skin. Aeroleat Samphira/Crithmum Maritimum Extract, also known as, Sea Fennel Extract is considered a plant alternative Retinol – but I find it to be a retinol upgrade.

After cleansing, apply your serums and wait for each to completely absorb before applying next one. Then, apply Sleep on It Retinol. Finish with night cream. All retinols should only be used at night as they may make skin more sensitive to sunlight. Some experience a slight redness but it dissipates within a few minutes.


The ANMA is a small handheld device mimicking fingertips and thumbs. It is used to GENTLY massage and release deep facial tension. This action releases wrinkles, bunching, sagging, and overall tired facial muscles. 

Using the device will assist in bringing hyaluronic acid (the stuff in expensive injectables) to the surface of the skin for a fresher, plumper, and healthier skin.

The small size of 3-1/2 inches long x 2 inches wide x 2-1/2 inches tall makes it easy for travel. The fingertip like extensions are 1/2 inch deep. The thumb-like tips are 3/4 inch deep. It is made of high-grade acrylic.

As counter intuitive as it may seem, the lighter you massage with the Anma the deeper the release. Never use enough pressure to stretch the skin. The objective is to skim the surface of your skin.

The best way to learn how to use the Anma is to watch the videos Christine has made available on her YouTube channel. Here’s a few I think you’ll find helpful:

https://youtu.be/VDEjsl3Rol0 - Release Your Frown Lines

https://youtu.be/XDXE8t6a8iM - Facial Exercises and the Anma

https://youtu.be/0LcKlDo6c_g - Releasing Wrinkles with the Anma

You may download instructions here: https://christinebyer.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Anma-Instructions.pdf

I only sell the ORIGINAL Anma, invented and designed by Jane Mann. Others found on the Internet are copy-cats and are being sold unethically. They are not made of the same high-grade acrylic, and are made of questionable plastics. Knock-offs may be a different size.

Glow Younger TriLight LED

Infrared light is invisible to the human eye. You will know INFRARED is on when you see the single RED light come on when the Infrared switch is used. Do not look into the lights when Infrared light is in use to avoid injury to the eyes.  

Studies show that LED absorbs into the skin within 3 – 5 minutes but you may continue to safely use for up to 8 – 10 minutes for Red, Blue, Green or Amber/Yellow. INFRARED is often used longer for inflammation of muscles or joints. It can safely be used 20 – 25 minutes. 

No. Although the LEDs in the TMP are strong, the Glow Younger TriLight LED is a stronger concentration and saturation of LED. I think of the LEDs in the TMP as the icing on the cake but the ultrasound in the TMP does most of the work in that device.

If you use ALL lights the device will get warm in 20-25 minutes. Turn it off at this time and allow it to cool. When using one or two LED colors, it can be used longer. BOTTOM LINE: When the device begins to feel very warm, it's time to shut it off and allow it too cool. Once it's cooled, you can turn it back on.

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The benefits of membership far exceeds the nominal membership fee. 

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