FAQ CBE Botanicals

In what order is Sleep on It Retinol used with other products?

After cleansing, apply your serums and wait for each to completely absorb before applying next one. Then, apply Sleep on It Retinol. Finish with night cream. All retinols should only be used at night as they may make skin more sensitive to sunlight. Some experience a slight redness but it dissipates within a few minutes.

What makes Sleep on It Retinol different from other retinols?

The active ingredients of .03% Retinol Moist, Aeroleat Samphira (retinol alternative), Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, and Beta Glucan are delivered in an ENCAPSULATED formula making this product non-irritating, unlike other retinols that can be harsh on the skin. Aeroleat Samphira/Crithmum Maritimum Extract, also known as, Sea Fennel Extract is considered a plant alternative Retinol – but I find it to be a retinol upgrade.

Can I use CBE Botanicals Conducting Gel & Mask with the Clareblend Mini or the TMP?

Yes! CBE Botanicals Conducting Gel & Mask is my preferred conducting gel. The formula is extremely nourishing to the skin. It is not meant to "work" the skin, but instead provide nourishing support to the skin while using devices.  After entire treatment, wipe off any excess with warm washcloth. Follow with moisturizer or products of your choice. 

You can also use CBE Botanicals Conducting Gel & Mask as a quick hydrating mask by applying to entire face, leaving on for 15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm (never hot) water.

What is the difference between Just Say Ahh and Scrub Away the Day?

Just Say Ahh is a revitalizing CLEANSER with Ginseng, Orchid Extract and Glyco-Proteins that is perfect for daily use to remove makeup and balanced PH cleansing.

Scrub Away the Day contains jojobo beads and is a GENTLE PH balanced SCRUB in a lotion-like cleanser with Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids of Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic. These natural acids loosen the bond of dead skin cells to accelerate the natural skin renewal process.

What are CBE Botanicals products?

CBE Botanicals are custom-formulated skincare products. They are Christine's favorite formulas based on her 20+ years using products from all over the world. Browse CBE Botanicals.