Support your skincare goals by using a facial mask to penetrate active ingredients, super charge the skin with nourishment, and to pamper yourself - because you're worth it!

  • Always apply a facial mask to clean skin.
  • If the mask doesn't offer exfoliation, you can exfoliate prior to using the mask. This will allow ingredients to penetrate better.
  • Do not cleanse *after* you apply the mask. Simply continue with your skincare routine. The only exception is if applying a clay-based mask. Use a lukewarm, damp cloth to gently wipe off a clay-based mask but do not use cleanser.
  • Your skin will soak up all the goodness of a facial mask in 15-20 minutes so there really is no benefit to leaving it on longer. 
  • It's best practice to apply hydrating masks in the morning and exfoliating masks at night.