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Take Before and After Pictures to Measure Your Results

by Christine Byer June 29, 2022

It breaks my heart when I see someone stop using a product or device because they don't think they're getting results. Especially when 99% of the time when asked if they took before and after pictures, the answer is no. 😢

Here's why that's a problem and here's how to measure your results. 

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Don't Make THIS Cleansing Mistake

by Christine Byer June 15, 2022

You could be tossing out perfectly good cleanser by not applying this tweak, or using cleanser not right for your skin if you miss this detail. You could also be sabotaging the results of other skincare products if you overlook this detail in your skincare. What is it?

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EXTRA Tips for Summer Skin Protection

by Christine Byer May 25, 2022

In this article we'll explore some steps we often forget when it comes to protecting our skin in the summer. And, one skincare step that can lead to more vulnerable skin - and how to adjust it.

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Oh No! How Can I Heal Sunburn Fast?

by Christine Byer May 18, 2022

You've had too much fun in the sun, and you forgot to use sun protection resulting in a sunburn on your face. What can you do to speed the healing process and to minimize the damage? Follow these steps!

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Help! Which Mask Do I Need?

by Christine Byer May 11, 2022

Facial masks are a delightful way of pampering ourselves and an important part of our skincare. However, the mask you choose matters. Just like other skincare products, the active ingredients must be considered and should support your skincare goals. If you've visited the beauty section of a department store, facial masks tend to be very inexpensive. But is this a situation in which you get what you pay for?

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5 Pro Tips to Take Care of the Décolleté

by Christine Byer May 04, 2022

Here's some tips for including care of the décolleté part of your skincare routine. Take 5 minutes to use a device on the décolleté and it will work wonders to improve it. I love the...

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Show Your Décolletage Some Love!

by Christine Byer May 04, 2022

It is unfortunate but we have all done this. We think our skincare routine stops a the face. Some of us, include the neck. The décolletage is the most neglected part of a skincare routine. 

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What’s Lymph Got To Do With It?

by Christine Byer April 27, 2022

The lymphatic system works 24/7 to get rid of the waste from other body systems. You could say, it’s the body’s housekeeper. However, lymph can over accumulate resulting in the puffiness we see in and around the face and neck. The cause can range from a sedentary lifestyle, toxic food and beverages, pollution, infections, and stress. 

While that sounds like a battle you can’t win, the good news is, you can improve it! 

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7 Steps for a PRO Eye Treatment at Home

by Christine Byer April 20, 2022

It is said the eyes are the window to the soul. They're also a tell-tale sign of aging. So what can we do to counter the effects of aging on the eyes? Plenty, my friend!

Here are the same steps I use on clients in the studio. Follow these steps for a PRO eye treatment at home.

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3 Tips to Anti-Age the Eyes

by Christine Byer April 06, 2022

Are you struggling to get the results you want from an eye care product? Do you feel like you just need MORE help? Want some tips so you can have eyes that look like a million bucks? Read on...

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HELP! Which Eye Care Product Should I Use?

by Christine Byer April 06, 2022

You've heard me say many times, skincare is not a one-size-fits-all situation. It's no different with eye care products. We bring unique needs. Some need more anti-aging support, while others need more hydration, and yet others need help with dark circles and puffiness. Let's look at what we can do to choose the best product for our unique needs.

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No-No's When Getting a Chemical Peel

by Christine Byer March 30, 2022

This article is a continuation on the subject of Chemical PeelsIf you're doing any of these no-no's you may sabotage the process of a chemical peel and possibly cause adverse results. 

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