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HELP! I Hate the Wrinkles Around My Mouth.

by Christine Byer September 15, 2021

Wrinkles around the central lip area are called vertical rhytids and we all hate them, right! They can be very difficult to fix. Even with a facelift, it only pulls this area laterally and the dissection does not and cannot extend into the lip area.

But don't lose hope! We have options.

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10 Tips to Improve the Neck and Décolleté

by Christine Byer September 08, 2021

Let's just say it. Aging isn't for the faint of heart. Therefore, it's important to keep it all in perspective. There will be some things about our appearance that we can improve with some hard work and dedication. There will be some things we can pay a doctor to fix (and then maintain with a consistent skincare routine). There'll be some things we cannot do anything about. I'll never be 5'8" or have the body of a runway model and I'll never be 25 again. 

I'm going to share some things we can do to improve the neck and décolleté with a little bit of hard work and dedication.

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A Non-Surgical Approach to Saggy Jowls

by Christine Byer September 01, 2021

When you look in the mirror and you see excess skin & folds forming from the cheeks to the jawline, you are seeing saggy jowls. When collagen and elastin becomes depleted, sagging skin is the result.

And that's not all. Things like repeated facial expressions, weight loss, sun exposure, smoking, and even the over use of computers or phones creating “tech neck” accentuate sagging in the jowl area.

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Are You Canceling Out Your Serum?

by Christine Byer August 25, 2021

Are you using really great serum but just don't seem to be getting results? Maybe you're doing something you didn't realize would cancel out the effectiveness of your serums. Read on to discover a big no-no when it comes to applying serums. 

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Avoid Moisturizer Sabotage

by Christine Byer August 18, 2021

Knowing how to choose moisturizer that is right for YOUR skin is the first step to avoiding moisturizer sabotage. But what are the steps to choosing a great moisturizer? What ingredients do you look for? When is the best time to apply moisturizer? Continue reading for the answers to these questions and more.

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Fact or Fiction: Does an Essence make a difference in skincare?

by Christine Byer August 11, 2021

It can be confusing, right! What would be the value of using a product that's main ingredient is a water-based carrier? How would that make a difference in the big picture of our skincare routine? How would we know which Essence, if any, would be of benefit?

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Secret to Cleansing Like a Pro

by Christine Byer August 04, 2021

Cleansing is the foundation for everything we do in skincare. Improper cleansing will result in wasting our money because other products won't be as effective on partially clean skin, or harshly cleansed skin.

If you've ever washed your face and then noticed your drying cloth still shows signs of makeup or grime, your face is NOT clean and it's NOT because you didn't use enough cleanser. It's because you're cleansing practice needs updated. 

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Let's Talk About Pigmentation Issues

by Christine Byer July 28, 2021

When skin changes color it can be upsetting. From the white spots of HYPO-pigmentation to the brown spots of HYPER-pigmentation, it can be difficult to resolve these challenges. However, with some patience and consistent care, I have seen countless customers even out their skin tone.

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Why Does My Skin Feel Sticky?

by Christine Byer July 21, 2021

Have you applied a product and immediately following your skin feels a bit sticky or tacky? Did you think the product wasn't working? This article clarifies why a product would have a sticky (not greasy) sensation after application and why it's actually a GOOD THING.

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Demystifying Growth Factors in Skincare

by Christine Byer July 14, 2021

You know I seriously seek out products with active ingredients that produce results. Last week we talked about Poly-l-lactic acid (PLLA), now we’re going to take a look at Growth Factors in skincare products. You are going to be so excited about the benefits of this powerful ingredient.

Growth factors sounds sort of spooky. Right? Let me demystify what they are how to use them. First, they are NOT growth hormones. They are perfectly safe - and - are part of the human body.

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Do I Need a PLLA Skincare Routine?

by Christine Byer July 07, 2021

Understanding how PLLA (poly-l-lactic acid) works is important to knowing if it is something you want to include in your skincare routine. If you've been following me for any length of time, you know I'm not a "fad" follower. I go with the science and investigate first hand to know what works and what doesn't.

Let's look at a brief history of PLLA, how it works and what a PLLA skincare routine looks like, before we explore who would, or would not, use PLLA.

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Help! Why do I have bumps on my face?

by Christine Byer June 30, 2021

Have you added a new skincare product to the mix only to discover you're getting little white bumps or little red pimples? This is not uncommon for some. Most immediately think the product is wrong for their skin but that is often not the case.

This can be what is called a skin purge. The skin can go through what is called “purging." This is a term used to describe breakouts that occur after starting a new skincare product containing certain active ingredients. 

A purge looks like white bumps and sometimes little red pimples. This can happen because many active ingredients are designed to boost skin cell turnover.

Common instigators of a purge are also some of the most beneficial skincare actives. So it can be confusing and frustrating when this happens. But don't throw out the product just yet. Read on!

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