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Do you find the term ‘antiaging’ offensive?

by Christine Byer March 21, 2023

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Avoid These 5 Most Common Gua Sha Mistakes

by Christine Byer March 14, 2023

A staple among traditional Chinese medicine for more than 4,000 years, Gua Sha has now quickly rocketed to fame as one of the most popular forms of facial skin care on social media. From TikTok to Instagram, you’d be hard-pressed to find a social media network where a beauty guru or skincare super fan hasn’t already shared strategies for implementing Gua Sha into a facial routine.  

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Is Vitamin C Hazardous to My Skin?

by Christine Byer March 07, 2023

Let's start by cutting the hazard zone tape and emphasizing that while you should follow a few guidelines regarding Vitamin C use, it's still an incredible ingredient. In fact, it's one I glow on and on about. 

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Massage. How antiaging is it?

by Christine Byer February 21, 2023

As an antiaging esthetician I couldn't live without Facial Contouring Massage(tm), or FCM.  I know that massage is a great way to bring a youthful, rested look to my clients’ faces. A few years ago I had the opportunity to perform FCM to my mother-in-law, and the results were stunning.

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6 week antiaging case study for microcurrent and LED (and massage of course!)

by Christine Byer February 15, 2023

Today I want to share a 6-week case study I did on my mom model back in 2015.  At 72, my mom was feeling like she was aging rapidly and she wanted to find a solution. I had entered The Skin Games, an intense, 6-week case study based 'esthetician competition'.  I needed a model.  I was thrilled and immediately started to create a plan for her.

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What's YOUR Skincare Strategy?

by Christine Byer January 30, 2023

While the dermatologists' recommended Vitamin A, C and sunscreen is a great start, skincare innovations have moved on (especially in Korea!).  We need to capture the best of the best in innovative skincare and put that into our routines for top results.

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Don't Make These Mistakes When Layering Your Skincare Products

by Christine Byer January 24, 2023

Over the years I've seen many clients get super confused about layering their skincare products.  I've helped clients unravel the mystery of layering Retin A, facial oils, gels, creams, essences, toners, ampoules, sunscreen etc.  Layering products doesn't have to be rocket science.  However, there are a few issues to avoid...

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💦 My Favorite High-Tech Skincare Products for Every Inch of Your Body 💦

by Christine Byer January 17, 2023

We all know that when it comes to the skin on our faces, we invest time, energy, and money to make sure it looks and feels its best. But what about the skin on our hands, arms, and the rest of our bodies? Sometimes we neglect our body skin, but it deserves just as much attention and care.

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Can Your Pores Really Shrink?

by Christine Byer January 11, 2023

Can your pores really shrink?  I get this question all the time.  The answer is definitive:  Kind of.  We are born with a natural pore size.  As we get older and start producing more oils, pores can appear larger since they are 'full'.   Add bacteria that eats the oils and dead cell debris and viola!  Your pores look bigger (and most likely some pimples will form).

What's the solution?

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Pro Secrets to Better Product Absorption

by Christine Byer January 04, 2023

When we invest in high-performance skincare products, we need to make sure they absorb into our skin as much as possible.  Over the years I've seen clients make mistakes that made it almost impossible for great penetration. 

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Should I Change Up My Skincare Routine?

by Christine Byer December 28, 2022

You've finally found skincare products you love. While some products will give your skin an immediate boost, consistent use of your products is the #1 way to see the biggest improvements. But what should you do if you've been using them for several months? Does the skin adapt creating a need to switch things up once in a while? Is it necessary to make changes based on certain conditions? I'll answer that and more in this article.

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Using Face Oil? Avoid These Costly Mistakes.

by Christine Byer December 21, 2022

Skincare products are ever evolving. The use of oil on the face is one of them. It's trending and in some cases it's even beneficial. However, if you don't choose wisely and you don't use it properly, you could create more problems and adverse results. This article will ensure you don't make costly mistakes if you’re using face oils. 

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