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ANMA - Fascia Massage Tool


Did you know the stress of your day affects how your face ages? This may present as tightness around your mouth, jaw, temples, forehead, brows, cheeks - even your scalp! 

Continuous facial tension shows up in your skin as deep lines, wrinkles, and sagging, folding, or bunching of the skin on your face. For example, repeated puckering or pursing of the lips will result in wrinkles forming across the mouth, like we also see on smokers.  

The ANMA is a specially designed device to help with these issues!

Originally from China, warrior monks spread gua sha massage through Korea and on to Japan, where the technique was perfected.

The ANMA device uses those same gua sha massage techniques in a handheld tool used to GENTLY massage and release deep facial tension. This action can release wrinkles, bunching, sagging, and overall tired facial muscles.

Turn unproductive TV time or bathtub/shower time into a pleasant facial contouring massage. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, the lighter you massage the deeper the release. 

Using the ANMA can assist in bringing hyaluronic acid (the stuff in expensive injectables that is natural part of skin) to the surface of the skin for fresher, more plump, and healthier skin.

NOTE: Per the manufacturer, there has been a slight change in the mold for this product. It is still high grade acrylic and not cheap toxic plastic like the knock-offs but it is slightly smaller. This slight change does not impact the benefits or functionality of this device. 

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