Dr Esthé Aqua Infusion Water Drop Cream


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Dr Esthé Aqua Infusion Water Drop Cream is a humectant-rich moisturizer. This emollient cream transforms into the lightness of water drops upon application for a light, refreshing experience. Perfect for any skin type and especially helpful for sensitive skin. 

It all begins with blue weed seed oil that acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory to protect the skin from damage. It leaves the skin feeling like silk. Next balloon vine flower extract relieves itching, sting, and inflammation (great for Rosacea sufferers). Then sunflower seed oil rich in vitamins A & E nourish the skin. Jojoba oil inhibits bacteria and prohibits moisture loss, and finally, fermented beta glucan activates the skins own immunity to restore skin's vitality.

Your skin will drink up the nourishment and feel healthier and look lovelier with every application. 

How to Use

Apply evenly to skin after cleansing following serum(s). Use AM and PM. With continued use see optimal results. 

No known contraindications.


Dr Esthé Aqua Infusion Water Drop Cream 60mL


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Dr Esthé Aqua Infusion Water Drop Cream 60mL

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