FAQ Glow Younger Trilight LED

How long can the Glow Younger TriLight LED be in use?

If you use ALL lights the device will get warm in 20-25 minutes. Turn it off at this time and allow it to cool. When using one or two LED colors, it can be used longer. BOTTOM LINE: When the device begins to feel very warm, it's time to shut it off and allow it too cool. Once it's cooled, you can turn it back on.

Is the Glow Younger TriLight LED and the Time Master Pro LED the same LED Light?

No. Although the LEDs in the TMP are strong, the Glow Younger TriLight LED is a stronger concentration and saturation of LED. I think of the LEDs in the TMP as the icing on the cake but the ultrasound in the TMP does most of the work in that device.

How long is an LED treatment?

Studies show that LED absorbs into the skin within 3 – 5 minutes but you may continue to safely use for up to 8 – 10 minutes for Red, Blue, Green or Amber/Yellow. INFRARED is often used longer for inflammation of muscles or joints. It can safely be used 20 – 25 minutes. 
How can I know if Infrared is on? I don’t see the lights.

Infrared light is invisible to the human eye. You will know INFRARED is on when you see the single RED light come on when the Infrared switch is used. Do not look into the lights when Infrared light is in use to avoid injury to the eyes.  

Potential Contraindications: 

Protection for your eyes is recommended. Christine has not had any reports of eye issues but if you do not use protection AVOID looking into the lights and NEVER look into the Infrared lights.

If you have cancer, do NOT use unless you have your physicians permission.

There have been no reports to indicate harm to an unborn baby; however, there are no safety tests either, so to be safe, we do not recommend using anywhere near the fetus.

There is no evidence of harm to the thyroid but to avoid over stimulating the thyroid, AVOID the thyroid, unless you have permission from your physician that indicates otherwise.

Treatment over a tattoo with Infrared may cause pain as the dye absorbs the light energy and gets hot. This could alter the appearance of the tattoo. If treatment is painful on a tattooed area stop use immediately. Allow skin to cool and use only when at least 15mm from surface of skin or not at all in a tattoo area.

Hair on the head
Treatment with LED on the head where hair is located may cause pain as the melanin in the fine superficial hair follicle absorbs a lot of the energy. It is recommended not to use in the hair area of the head.

Very dark skin
Occasionally some people with very dark skin feel an unpleasant amount of heating. Stop use if painful and use only when at least 15mm from the surface of the skin.

Read more about LED Light Therapy here: https://christinebyer.com/led-light-therapy-fact-or-fiction/

Manufactured in the USA. It is a maintenance free device. simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water. One year replacement or repair warranty.

WARRANTY: One year from the date of purchase (receipt must be provided), the item will be repaired or replaced due to any manufacturing defects. Abuse or misuse will void this warranty.