FOREO Bear 2 Microcurrent


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Cordless, on the go microcurrent is here. And it has an app! This device comes with a 2oz Hydrate + Conduct conducting gel & mask.

Christine loves this little gem because it checks all the boxes for a quality microcurrent device.  It's adorable and compact, easy to travel with and fun to use. Plus:

You know it's on and working ✔

Easy to use ✔

Rechargeable ✔

Results! ✔✔

This device is approximately 3" x 2.5"



Is This Right for You?

Are you beginning to see the effects of aging on your face, neck, and décolletage? While aging is unavoidable, we can now use science and technology to age gracefully and extend our youthfulness much longer.

Incorporating microcurrent into your skincare regimen will arm you with a device that gets results - and these results are cumulative! This means your skin and muscle tone will get better with continued use.



Microcurrent is a safe and painless way to firm skin and define facial features, by emitting low-voltage electrical currents that mirror your body's natural processes. BEAR™ 2 channels energy directly into the skin with precision care to target and smooth fine lines at the same time - for a firm, lifted appearance.


A unique integrated system that automatically adjusts the device’s microcurrent intensity according to your skin’s resistance to electricity, guaranteeing a shock-free treatment, maximum safety & enhanced results.


T-Sonic™ pulsations travel through the skin's layers, relaxing facial tension points and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. They also boost circulation, reducing puffiness and dark circles for a radiant, youthful glow.

Quick Start

Install the FOREO app on your phone.

Choose the mode you prefer including T-Sonic pulsation settings.

Press and hold the power button until you see the lights.

Follow the vectors of your face section by section.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Beverly nichols
Home run

I had never heard of this device, and was resultant to give it a try. I already own a mini. Christine’s review caused me to give it a try. I think this device is better than the mini. For some reason i never saw the results from the mini that I see with the FOREO Bear. Two thumbs up from me.

Wonderful device

From the reviews on YouTube I decided to give this device a try, and I purchases it. This is close to the new face device, and I’ll admit I was skeptical. I’ve received it, and used it. It is really a great device. In my opinion it is far better than the mini. The pulsations along with micro current is fabulous. I have used it around the eyes, and it opens up the eyes.

Corinna Vereb
Shocked by this device

Here’s an honest opinion. I have had two minis since I started. I think it’s almost 3 years for me. I used the FOREO Bear 2 for 3 cycles only once. My face felt like and looked lifted far more than having used the minis for all this time. I personally am amazed by this little device. I have been diligently working on releasing the fascia throughout my whole body. Especially my face. I just think it is an amazing device for me. But releasing your fascia is first before any device.