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NeoGenesis Recovery is abundant in S²RM® (70%) to effectively return the skin to a healthy and radiant state. It works by aiding the skin in restoring itself to homeostasis utilizing the multiple adult protein molecules, including potent antioxidants, peptides, and many anti-aging molecules.  

Recovery is powerful yet safe for daily use to speed the healing of even the most damaged skin. It reduces post treatment inflammation and irritation with any anti-aging procedure including chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and micro-needling.

Recovery is safe and effective for treating radiation and chemo burns, as well as reducing scarring from surgery.

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After cleansing, apply to the face, neck, and décolletage. For chronic or traumatized skin use AM and PM (twice daily). To maintain results or for anti-aging, continue use of Recovery 3 to 4 times per week. Keep out of eyes. For external use only.

  • Reduces the appearance of all signs of aging
  • Restores tone and texture, minimizing the appearance of pore size
  • Supports and enhances collagen production
  • Promotes healing for eczema and acne
  • Oncology safe

IMPORTANT: Always apply NeoGenesis Recovery BEFORE any other serum to allow the exosome delivery system to work efficiently.

NeoGenesis Recovery

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NeoGenesis Recovery

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Performs as Described

I ordered this product because my skin was red, dry and peeling from aggressive use of Retin A. As soon as I used the first pump my skin immediately calmed down. The red and dryness vanish.ed Pretty amazing. I now use The Recovery serum before applying theremin A at night. Will purchase again.

Lorrie Simmons
Powerhouse of a Product

I have used this product for a while for my face and the results are fantastic. So, after an unexpected accident and a significant suture scar on my leg, I started using Recovery. It is amazing how much better my scar looks every day. Not only has it flattened out, but the redness is all but gone and several places are almost healed - all in 4 weeks! My husband had the same results after a Mohs procedure on his nose. The results were far better than what the doctor had prescribed and it healed very nicely. This is a wonderful product.

Leslie Schaill
The ONE Thing

NeoGenesis Recovery is the single most effective skin healing product I've ever used. The first time I used it, I was surprised by the overnight change in my skin. (It makes my skin smoother, less dry and it heals the breakout I get from using a CPAP). It's expensive and I don't always have it. As time goes on, though, I have it more often. I have been trying other serums in between having Recovery and they're fine, but the difference between those and Recovery is significant.

Pat Stueck
5 Star Recovery

I am 75 years young. I had CO2 laser resurfacing done in August to help with sun damage and wrinkling. I have fairly sensitive skin and the balm that was prescribed for me to use during the healing process had a tendency to make me break out. After I had healed to the point that only some redness remained, I discarded the balm and began using the Recovery faithfully every day after cleansing. The results were Amazing!. I have gotten many compliments on how "beautiful" my skin looks. I attribute the results to not only the laser treatment but also my applications of Recovery to help fortify my younger looking skin. I will keep this little Gem in by beauty arsenal as I can see how beneficial Recovery has been to my healing and how significantly it has improved the quality and appearance of my aging skin.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

At the age of 66, I’m a skeptic of most skin care claims. I used Paula‘s Choice for years and they have a great product and helped my skin. But I was not getting the results that I had hoped for. So I started researching advanced skin care and found the Neogenesis line with Christine. What sold me was her explanation of the line and technology of the product. I’ve been using this since December, and the improvement of my skin is remarkable in texture and clarity.

The milia that I had on my chin and one on my lip and lip line are gone. My dermatologist tried to remove the ones on my lip and lip line but could not. I did not try the product for that reason but it was an unexpected benefit (Yoo-hoo!). I also use the Neogenesis moisturizer, eye serum, and Booster. I’ll never go back as these products also have vital peptides as well as the adult stem cells. I no longer need to buy a separate peptide, ceramide, and other products. It’s a one and done. I found that this simple routine is remarkable.