Solution-Fit Gelatin Mask (Aquasure H2 Treatment) Box of 10


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Solution Fit Gelatin Mask by Aquasure H2 will become your go-to mask when you want to amp up a microcurrent treatment. Boost anti-aging benefits using an oxygen dissolved solution.

This microfiber sheet is designed to absorb 5 times the solution compared to a normal sheet mask. Ultra fine fiber tissue 1/10 typical sheet masks allowing it to adhere to the curves of the skin to stay in place.

This sheet mask design combined with the fish gelatin solution maximizes the effect of the solution absorption delaying the drying of the sheet. This means more of the ingredients are available.

  • Anti-inflammatory (calms redness, irritation)
  • Moisturizing
  • Strengthens skin barrier
  • Boosts collagen 

You'll love the anti-inflammatory benefits for fast recovery following the final stage of a professional procedure. Plus the moisturizing and nourishing ingredients support a stronger skin barrier and finally essential nutrients promote collagen synthesis, restores damaged skin, and supports skin elasticity.

This is a hard-working mask that is super gentle on the skin. Put it to work the next time you give yourself a microcurrent treatment. 



Solution-Fit Gelatin Mask (Aquasure H2 Treatment) Box of 10