Smooth Lips

 Watch Christine Byer share her expert techniques to effectively combat the pesky appearance of lip lines that come with aging. Tapping into over two decades of experience, Christine unveils her step-by-step regimen involving muscle relaxation using the Anma, a gau sha tool, exfoliation with the Skin Wand Pro, and the infusion of the CaviPLLA Multi-serum from the HOP facial filler line.

1. Anma This device uses gua sha massage techniques in a handheld tool used to GENTLY massage and release facial tension. This action can release wrinkles, bunching, sagging, and overall tired facial muscles. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, the lighter you massage the deeper the release. 

Using the ANMA can assist in bringing hyaluronic acid (the stuff in expensive injectables that is natural part of skin) to the surface of the skin for fresher, plumper, and healthier skin.

2. Skin Wand Pro is a revolutionary handheld device that safely delivers high-performance serums to the skin via nano channeling. Ideal for use at home, this easy-to-use device provides an innovative solution to help you maintain healthy looking skin. Created to enhance professional treatments without any discomfort or downtime.

A pain free option to micro needling intended for home use.  Aids in rebuilding collagen and smoothing skin.  When used in the privacy of your home, this amazing addition to your home care routine will serve to maximize the benefits of your expensive skin care products that your professional esthetician has customized for your use.

3. CaviPLLA Multi-serum is a multi-serum that fights the signs of aging by providing building blocks for skin cells to function optimally. This serum retexturizes the skin restoring firmness. With even more PLLA than Pilleo Mist, it stimulates skin to produce NEW collagen. PLLA reduces wrinkles and plumps the hollow or sunken areas of the face with continued use. This combination (and quality) of ingredients helps skin look and feel healthier.

Follow up with our nourishing & plumping lip gloss.