HOUSE OF PLLA® HOP+ Skin Repair Sun Cushion


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Looks gorgeous on skin tones 1-3 on the Fitzpatrick Scale

Sun Cushion SPF 50 is a broad spectrum SPF 50 and is the SPF/BB you take with you every where!  

Sun Cushion SPF 50 repairs your skin (as well as protects) with PLLA & 4 GF (growth factors) and it contains additional anti-aging skincare benefits. It's a SPF/BB you'll find unmatched by anything else. It is safe for sensitive and acne prone skin. 

This exquisite creamy formula in compact (cushion) form helps to minimize visible signs of aging while protecting against both harmful UVA and UVB rays. It will provide a natural glow throughout the day without feeling heavy or sticky on your face. It automatically adjusts to any skin color within minutes of application. It is even great for men!

Can be worn for light coverage or under your favorite foundation. The finish is luminous and wears well all day. The compact makes it easy to reapply should you sweat or wash your face. It can be used in combination with other sunscreen products but with SPF 50 it is sufficient alone.

Size: 12g (0.42 fl oz) 3” round compact that is ¾” high 

How to Use:

Using the included patented 4-layer ruby cell PUFF, gently press into the Sun Cushion compact to pick up product. Then apply evenly to skin using a patting technique. It only takes a small amount so do not pick up too much at one time. Do not rub - pat it on for the best results. 

The patented 4 layer ruby puff is antibacterial, and prevents absorbing the product in the sponge and has a tip specially designed for blending.

Follow with a light spritz of Sculplla Stem Cell Mist for an additional boost of Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA).

Formerly SculPLLA from the House of PLLA - HOP

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HOUSE OF PLLA® HOP+ Skin Repair Sun Cushion

Customer Reviews

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Janet Wong
Love the application

I like the sunscreen a lot. When it’s really warm it’s a little to oily but other than that it works well and great if you don’t want to wear any makeup

Phabulous One

I’ve worn this product underneath my foundation and concealer and my complexion exudes warm golden tone appearance. I’m ver fond of this product. It’s a keeper!

Finally, a fabulous product!

Between the luck of genetics and good skin care from the age of 12, I have never needed foundation, a light dusting of powder was perfect. When I got into my mid-fifties I thought I needed a little help.

Five years later, I don’t even want to think of the money spent nor can I count the number of products tried and just loathed.
Seeing foundation on my face and or emphasizing lines and pours I never notice, plus the odd way some of them began to look throughout the day. Not to mention, the feel on the skin. Most of the products were “luxury” brands as well.
No, thank you! I gave up.

I decided to double down on skin care and discovered Christine and this incredible product. It looks gorgeous on my skin, even works well around the eyes. Not only a fantastic sunscreen but my skin looks great all day long and even after its removed. It gives my skin a slightly dewy, lit from within look, the coverage is undetectable. My skin is fair and normal to dry. This product is everything I could ever wish for in a tinted sunscreen.

Last weekend I went to the theatre with my cousin, she is the same age and a skincare devotee. She said, “ I thought I was looking good today until I saw you! You look incredible!”

I am back to buy a backup or two, cannot be without this product, and plan to try another HOP product. I am totally sold on PLLA!

A Sunscreen with Benefits!

Very easy to use. Great results. I use it with a bit of concealer on top. The most impressive part of this product is how it made my skin feel. After washing off the sunscreen I can feel and see an improvement in my skin. It feels softer and plumper. A sunscreen with benefits! It makes me want to explore more of the products from this brand.

I'm in love

I have to say this product is a God sent!! I have tried tinted moisturizers in the past to hide my age and sun spots and I never liked the feeling. This product is AMAZING!! I use it as a sun screen and it helps with coverage also.. very lightweight and not irritating. This is Def my to go to before I go out anywhere! I'm absolutely in love with this product and all of Christine's videos 😍 I'll be trying more products in the future.