Crepey Eyes

Under eye skin looking loose and crepey? Losing elasticity can happen with age but with this protocol, you can see an improvement within days.

1. CBE Botanicals Brighten the Day It works by reducing melanin formation for brightening effects from five lightening ingredients (one of which is Daisy Leaf extract), contains antioxidants with moisture retention properties from sodium hyaluronate.

2. Skin Wand Pro The research has shown us that a depth of 0.15 mm is the perfect depth to create a controlled inflammation where all the magic happens within the healing process. This depth is only a quarter of the depth provided in treatment rooms. This way you are able to maximize the benefits of the serums full of peptides, stem cells, and growth factors.

3. HOUSE OF PLLA® HOP+ Promoter Repair Eye & Lip Cream This eye cream has the same PLLA as other PLLA products found here but, in a formula, ideal for the fine lines and crow's feet in the eye area. This unique blend of PLLA, Volufiline, 4GF, PDRN is nothing short of AMAZING! This luxurious eye cream creates exquisite hydration! Your eyes will appear smoother and firmer with continued use.