NeoGenesis NeoLash - 3mL


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NeoGenesis NeoLash Serum is designed for those who desire longer, thicker, and overall healthier looking eyelashes. It is the first Eyelash serum to utilize S²RM® technology.

This patented exosome-based system delivers protein molecules from three adult stem cell types (not actual stem cells - molecules only) to hair follicles to produce noticeable cosmetic benefits. This potent combination of growth factors and other signaling molecules offers a non-invasive alternative, or complement, to conventional treatments to make your eyelashes look and feel healthy and strong.

Additional Benefits

  • Helps to restore the healthy condition of lashes
  • Helps restore natural lash color
  • Safe to use on both upper and lower lashes
  • Will not darken eyelids or change iris pigmentation
  • Oncology approved


Remove excess serum from the applicator brush, then draw a fine line across the top and bottom eyelash line. If needed dip applicator back into the serum to complete this process. Use once a day and wait two minutes before applying makeup. Not intended for use on the rest of the face.

NeoGenesis NeoLash - 3mL


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NeoGenesis NeoLash - 3mL

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Debby Fairley
I am doing a happy dance!

After using a prescription lash growth serum for 3 years, I developed severe dry eye. Over a year ago my ophthalmologist recommended that I stop using the serum. I did and my eye dry lessened but once again I had short, sparse lashes.
Two months ago I started using Neogenesis Neolash Serum and I am pleased for several reasons. The health of my eyes is my first priority and my dry eye is almost nonexistent. This wonderful product is not irritating and
I have not had any side effects. My lashes are longer and are beginning to have more density. I am so pleased with the results. I will reorder this product and highly recommend it.

No burning or discoloration

I have not used product long enough to determine efficacy. I did take pictures on day one and at the one month mark will post an update.
What I know: I have used one time daily for a little over a week. There has been no irritation or discoloration on my eyelids. Previous serums have really irritated my eyes so I had to discontinue use.

Waited 3 months to review

I purchased the Neolash in February and used it every night before bed for 3 months before writing this review. I don’t have to curl my eyelashes and can go without mascara and it looks like I have it on. I’m 62 and lashes were sparse and I couldn’t see the bottom lashes because they were so light and missing at the liter corner like my brows. It not only thickened my lashes but darkened them. I absolutely love this stuff.

Jessica C.
The only eyelash serum

This is the only eyelash serum I've tried that has not given me pink eye-like symptoms, yet is also effective! I don't get crazy-long length, but definitely improved length with LOTS of fullness that wasn't there before. After using a lash primer and mascara, I am very pleased with the changes this product has offered. I will continue to repurchase.