Dr Esthé Sun Protection Mild SPF 50


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Sunscreen needs to be part of a skincare routine but if you struggle with sunscreen reaction due to sensitive skin or acne prone skin, it can be troublesome. NOT ANYMORE!

The ingredients in the Dr. Esthe line are selected to ensure no irritation making them safe for sensitive skin. THIS wonderful product is no exception. 

This will be your new go-to sunscreen for safe, skin-friendly, non-tinted, mineral UV protection. With 50 SPF protection and a formula using microparticle technology to  absorb excess sebum. Simply ingenious!

The Smart Sebum Control (SSC) method helps to control sebum and reduce irritation with no white cast in a waterproof formula for long lasting wear. 

Dr Esthé Sun Protection Mild SPF 50

This liquid sunscreen stays lightweight on the skin without a white, pasty cast, even with multiple applications. With botanicals chosen for sensitive skin, you can have confidence this product will be gentle on your skin. 

A light scent dissipates quickly making this a non-intrusive skincare product. With a 50mL size bottle, and because a little goes a long way, this product will last!

Apply as last step in skincare routine to face, neck, and décolleté - or apply under makeup.

Don't forget the back of your hands, top of ears, and top of feet, as they are exposed to sun too!


Dr Esthé Sun Protection Mild SPF 50

Dr Esthé Sun Protection Mild SPF 50


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Dr Esthé Sun Protection Mild SPF 50

Customer Reviews

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Love this sunscreen!!!

I can't say enough wonderful things about this sunscreen. I have fair, sensitive, combination skin and always seem to breakout after using any sunscreen. I've been on the hunt for a mineral based sunscreen and I have finally found the one that works for me. It goes on easily, is lightweight, doesn't feel sticky, no sunscreen shine, and leaves no white cast. I've been wearing it daily for almost a month and happy to report no breakouts!! Also, I don't use much and it wears well under my powder foundation. I was recently on vacation and was outside a ton in lots of sun and no sunburn. I would definitely give this product a try.

Cheryl A Grant

I like tinted sunscreen but gave this a try. I have added a dot of cream mineral foundation mixed in and found perfection! Evens skin tone, doesn't look shiny, no Tin Man sheen, feels breathable and STAYS PUT. I spent 11 hours at a Disney park last week (very hot, sunny, humid August day) and everyone was wet and sticky. My skin looked just the same! Not even a 2nd application. My sunscreen holy trail forever!

I really love this sunscreen!!!

I really love this sunscreen!!!

Since I have very oily skin it's hard to find sunscreen that "melt" bc of the heat, Into my eyes or mouth.

This is especially true if you live in hot place like Texas

Non greasy and water resistant? Yes please

I think this is a great everyday sunscreen, especially for days when I want to put something on quick. It smells amazing but the smell doesn’t linger, and it has a nice invisible feel and finish which is rare in water resistant sunscreen. I will say that the oil absorption properties don’t seem to do very much, but I think the formulation works well for making it feel soft and breathable on the skin. Wears well under makeup, both powder and liquid.

Lightweight & doesn't burn the eyes

I love this sunblock for my face, neck and hands. Other sunblocks make my eyes burn & water, but not this stuff. I use it sparingly, and go through 2 / year.
Very grateful to have learned about this excellent product.