NeoGenesis NeoBrow - 3mL


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NeoBrow serum is designed for those who desire fuller, thicker, and overall healthier looking brows. It is the first Brow serum to utilize S²RM® technology. This patented exosome-based system delivers protein molecules from three adult stem cell types (not actual stem cells - molecules only) to hair follicles to produce noticeable cosmetic benefits. This potent combination of growth factors and other signaling molecules offers a non-invasive alternative, or complement, to conventional treatments to make your eyebrows look and feel healthy and strong.

Additional Benefits

  • Helps to restore the healthy condition of eyebrows
  • Helps restore natural brow color
  • Oncology approved


Using the brush applicator, work the serum down to the roots. For best results, make sure to get the serum all the way down to the skin. Use once a day and wait two minutes before applying makeup. Not intended for use on the rest of the face.

NeoGenesis NeoBrow - 3mL

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NeoGenesis NeoBrow - 3mL

Customer Reviews

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Phabian or Phabulous1
Eye Brow Hair

It’s been almost 2 weeks, and I can see 2 new hairs where it was bald! I’m going to continue of course; and see if more hairs will grow. Yippee!! 🥳

Griffin Kath

This stuff works! I’ve tried other brow growth serums and some worked okay but NeoBrow Serum beats them hands down. My brows are regrowing, especially the tail ends as well as a couple spots in between that haven’t seen hair for ages. Additionally, the grays are returning to their original color. Love this product!

I can see my brows

I’ve been using NeoBrow Serum for about 1.5 months and am really pleased with the product. My outer edges (tails) of my eyebrows appeared to be gone. I wasn’t sure if they were too far gone for the serum to help. I applied the first bottle morning and evening and my eyebrow ends starting growing in and filling in thicker in other areas. I am now using the serum at night only. I am very pleased with the product.

Happy Brows!

I've been using NeoBrow Serum for about three months (on bottle #3) and am really pleased with this product! My eyebrows are sparse due to overplucking and side sleeping; especially on the ends. I have been applying the serum in the morning and evening and can see new hair growth and less falling out. I will continue to use once my eyebrows have filled-in, though probably adjust application schedule for maintenance.

Seeing a difference!

Since using Neobrow, I've noticed my brows aren't as thin, and it's really helped with the "white" senior stay hairs I was getting. I will continue to use!