CBE Botanicals TEAriffic Antioxidant Body Scrub 8 OZ

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This product is being discontinued and quantities are limited!

Pamper your skin like never before with our luxurious TEAriffic Antioxidant Body Scrub. Imagine giving your skin a dose of nature’s finest with a scrub that’s 98% natural and boasts a whopping 70% organic content. This isn't just any scrub; it's your skin's new best friend, powered by the mighty polyphenols from Green and White Tea. These tiny but mighty components are like your skin’s personal bodyguards, protecting it from the sun’s sneaky damage and reversing those tell-tale signs of aging like sun spots and fine lines.

But wait, there’s more! Dive into the moisturizing oasis of Olive and Avocado oils, and let the Kukui Nut Oil soothe and shield your skin from life’s little stresses. With every use, you're not just cleaning; you're enriching your skin with vitamins and minerals that wake up your skin’s natural glow, without any added fragrances. After hopping out of the shower, you’ll notice how your skin sings with refreshment and softness that sticks around all day. And the best part? This softness gets even better with time, without any sticky residue.

Tired of those over-the-counter disappointments? TEAriffic Antioxidant Body Scrub is your skin's sigh of relief. And because we’re all about happiness, if your skin doesn’t feel like it’s having the time of its life within 21 days, bring it back for store credit. No hard feelings!

How to Use: Get into your shower groove with circular motions, focusing on those rough patches. Let the green and white tea do their magic, while Olive and Avocado oils bring back the moisture. Kukui Nut Oil's got your back against environmental villains, and the vitamins A and E are the cherries on top for nourishing your skin. And yes, it's gentle enough for your daily shower concert.

What's Inside: Only the best for your skin. We’re talking pure Deionized Water, fine Pumice for that gentle exfoliation, and a cocktail of oils including Kukui Nut, Olive, and Avocado for deep hydration. Jojoba Beads, Aloe Vera, and Tea Extracts come together for a soothing melody, while Algae, Horse Chestnut, and a hint of Caffeine make your skin look and feel alive. It’s like a superfood salad, but for your skin!

So, what are you waiting for? Elevate your shower ritual with TEAriffic Antioxidant Body Scrub and step into a world where your skin feels rejuvenated, protected, and oh-so-smooth. Grab yours today and let your skin drink up the goodness it deserves!

No known contraindications. If an allergic reaction occurs stop using immediately and rinse skin with cool water for several minutes. Allow skin time to return to normal. If product gets in eyes, rinse eyes with cool water for several minutes.



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CBE Botanicals TEAriffic Antioxidant Body Scrub

Customer Reviews

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Carla Bertsch
The Best!

I am so sorry to see that this is being discontinued!

I have never seen a body scrub work so well. Literally could see it LIFT the dead skin off my arms and was able to towel dry to complete the exfoliation process. Left with baby smooth skin!

Tammy Drew
Best Body Scrub I've Ever Used

I found Christine's YouTube channel last year and have purchased quite a few things (understatement)...I have not been disappointed with any of the items I've purchased in fact quite a few of them from the CBE Botanicals have become my "holy grail" products and this one is definitely one! Every time I step out of the shower it smells and feels like I've been at the spa. Just love this scrub!


This body scrub without a doubt is the most luxurious scrub I have ever used. The scent is heavenly and I am hoping that their will be bath salts with the same scent in the future! It softens the skin and makes you feel like you are at a spa in the Swiss Alps. Many body scrubs can be harsh on the skin and also leave an "oily film" after rinsing. Not this one! My skin felt hydrated and smooth. If you suffer from any type of skin ailment this scrub is so gentle. I have varicose veins along with a skin injury I suffered from years ago. The skin on my legs is very sensitive and I have had no problems whatsoever using the scrub. I love it!

Liz K.
Wonderful Ingredients

I love this scrub. It is jam packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and moisturizing ingredients. As someone who has had skin cancer I appreciate the inclusion of polyphenols.
It has a very pleasant spa-like scent and since I have been using it the skin on my legs has not been flaky or peeling! It leaves my skin well moisturized and soft. I’m very pleased with it.

Spa Quality

Wow. This scrub smells Great!
I love a non oil base scrub. I do not have to scrub the shower when finished so I won’t slip and break some thing. Thank you Christine. Love this product’s skin loving ingredients. This is a must try!