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If you're ready to take your skincare journey to the next level, this is the perfect package for you! Using advanced technology, you can boost collagen, tone and lift sagging, improve elasticity, plump wrinkles, even out skin tone, and create a radiant glow.

This package includes printed instructions so you know exactly how and when to use every device in the bundle.

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Customer Reviews

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Janet Kniep
I'm very impressed!!

I've been using all the products in the bundle for about 2 months now. It took a bit of time to begin using all the products as often as they can be used. I started with the Anma Gua Sha Device. Wow what a difference it makes!! I did not realize how tight all my facial and neck muscles were. That little device works wonders and I even used it on my legs. It brought much relief to a painful neck and upper back area. Next I used the LED Trilight. I love this little LED device! It is warm on your skin when you use it and it feels really good on my face. I also used it on a bruise on my knee. The Mini Current has been the hardest for me to get into a routine with. It is somewhat time consuming to use it, but it does lift my saggy neck. I've just watched another video by Christine on where to use it on my face and neck and that helps me use it more often, knowing what to do in advance helps. The TimeMaster Pro is my favorite. It's warm and yummy on my skin. I use it twice a week and really look forward to using it. All in all my saggy neck has lifted quite a bit. I'm very impressed with Christine Byer and all of the wonderful information she puts out there for everyone. I will use these devices for the rest of my life. I'm hooked. The results are very noticible. My husband said my neck skin/chin doesn't hang down as far as it used to. I'm sure ALL of these devices have contributed to my more youthful looks. Thanks Christine!!

Catherine MacKenzie
Face Changer

I received my starter bundle package on December 12, 2022 and started the very next evening. Today is January 17, 2023 and there is a huge and totally significant change in my lower face, jowl area. I can't tell you which device I love the best because they are all awesome. I do love the warmth and healing energy I get from the LED a lot but also love the Time Master Pro and Mini Current. I start each session with the ANMA. It's so simple, yet a little time consuming - but it's WORTH IT. Just follow Christine's simple video instructions and before you know it you'll feel like you're your own esthitician! I am LOVING my new routine and so pleased with results already. For the last few years I lost my "sparkle" and stopped smiling. . . . my lower face is my problem area. . . . I am coming back to life. Thank you Christine!