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Proactive Steps to Aging Gracefully

October 13, 2021

Proactive Steps to Aging Gracefully

If you are over 30 years old, you know there are things you would tell your 20-year-old self to make life a little easier or enjoyable, right! Today we are going to explore a similar thought.

Aging does not happen all the sudden. What happens is a combination of gradual changes we often ignore. If we knew what to do before this process gets out of hand, we would be so much further along on our skincare journey. While it is never too late for anyone to start, the tips in THIS blog post will make aging gracefully even more successful.

Read on to discover some PROACTIVE steps to aging gracefully.

Understand How Skin Ages to Know How to Treat Skin

The outer skin layer thins (epidermis), even though the number of cell layers remain unchanged. The number of pigment-containing cells decreases (melanocytes). The remaining melanocytes increase in size. This is why aging skin gets thinner, paler, and more translucent.

The shape of the face and neck change due to loss of muscle tone and thinning skin. Things get flabby and droopy. The underlying layer of fat shrinks so our face no longer has a plump, smooth surface. Even when your muscles are in top working order, certain repetitive motions can etch lines in your skin. For example, sleeping on your side squishes the face creating folds over time. A constant pursing of the lips creates the 11's, and so forth.

Understanding what is going to happen is the first step to knowing the actions we can take to age more gracefully.

Slow Down What Speeds the Aging Process

The number 1 thing that causes early wrinkling is unprotected skin from over exposure to ultraviolet light (sunshine). UV rays from the sun breaks down the skin's connective tissue, the collagen and elastin fibers, which lie in the deeper layer of skin (dermis). 

IMPORTANT: This is a gradual breaking down over time which makes it seem like it sneaks up on us. This is not something to ignore IF you care about aging gracefully.

If you are worried about getting enough Vitamin D from the sun, know that all we need is 10-20 minutes in direct midday sunlight 3-4 times a week to get adequate Vitamin D. 

You should ALWAYS use sunscreen SPF 50! The skin of people who are super sensitive to UV radiation, such as very fair-skinned people, UV radiation starts becoming harmful after only 5 to 10 minutes. YIKES!

Please don't ignore this advice. Youth is not something that lasts forever for anyone! BUT you can make it last longer with a few tips!

Create a Skin Healthy Lifestyle

When we understand how our daily habits (or lack thereof) affect the aging process of our skin, we understand that premature aging skin can be avoided - and in fact - we can age gracefully for much longer!

Here's some important tips. 

  • Avoid skin damaging UV rays caused by unprotected sun exposure. Wear a skin nourishing sunscreen DAILY.
  • Hydrate and eat more whole foods and avoid processed food filled with sugars, salt, and foods lacking in nutrition. You're not just feeding your body, you're feeding your skin.
  • Supplement where your nutrition is lacking especially with Vitamins A and C.
  • Follow an AM and PM skincare routine with nourishing ingredients and a product that includes a sunscreen.
  • Introduce technology devices and use them weekly to counter repetitive movements that etch the skin in wrinkles, keep muscle tone longer (do not wait for sagging to maintain tone).
  • Avoid smoking - Smoking will age the skin as fast as harmful UV rays. Just say no! If you smoke, find support so you can stop.
  • Destress - The hormones released during stress deteriorate skin health. Explore yoga, meditation, spiritual practices, or relaxing hobbies. Stress has become an epidemic. Make destressing a priority. 
  • Keep Moving - The endorphins, release of toxins through sweat, and increased circulation of exercise supports skin health in many ways.
  • Sleep - Lack of sleep dehydrates the skin and causes skin to lose its vitality. Make getting your beauty rest a priority!

Put these steps into practice NOW no matter what your age. Share this with your your younger family, friends and colleagues.

Aging is NOT avoidable, but aging can be experienced with grace and we can look our best longer when taking these proactive steps.

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