Professional Account


If you are a previous customer of then welcome to your new buying experience! If you are new to our professional retail business, then welcome and get ready to have some fun! Once you have your professional account approved, you will be able to shop and receive professional pricing where applicable. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to customer support at and we will be happy to assist you.

The purpose of the registration process is to verify you are a licensed esthetician with an active practice. If you submit an expired license your account will not be approved. If you allow your license to expire, your account will be closed.

Proceeding with the completion of your account verification indicates your acceptance of our privacy policy and you affirm you will not share the confidential pricing in any format or manner. You also agree not to retail any product sold here on eBay or Amazon or any discount website OR list it on your own website below current retail pricing. Violation of these policies will result in immediate suspension of your account.

We are so happy you are here and can't wait to do business with you. Please know that Christine is always on the lookout for the best new products and devices and thrives on knowledge and sharing all of that with all of you!