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HELP! Which Eye Care Product Should I Use?

April 06, 2022

HELP! Which Eye Care Product Should I Use?

You've heard me say many times, skincare is not a one-size-fits-all situation. It's no different with eye care products. We bring unique needs. Some need more anti-aging support, while others need more hydration, and yet others need help with dark circles and puffiness. Let's look at what we can do to choose the best product for our unique needs.

For the longest time, I only offered NeoGenesis Eye Serum because nothing else produced the results I expect to see. And, this is why I'd never go without it and I recommend it as your first line of defense in your skincare routine for eye care products.

Why NeoGenesis Eye Serum?

First, NeoGenesis Eye Serum is a serum, as opposed to a cream. This means it has more active ingredients than a cream. That's one reason it is perfect for ongoing support for anti-aging. Another important reason is it contains 10% S2RM® technology, I believe to be the safest (never stings the eye) and most effective adult skin conditioned media on the market. You won't find this proven  technology in any other eye care product.

You would use NeoGenesis Eye Serum if you want the best in anti-aging for the eyes. It helps with fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and skin elasticity. They added sodium hyaluronate butyrate to support the deeper layers of the skin in the eye area with hydration. Use this consistently and you will notice the skin around the eyes tighten and brighten and look more youthful.

The next product I added for eye care was HOP (formerly SculPLLA) Eye Cream. I was won over by the skin thickening results for thinner skin under the eye - and the hydration factor. 

Why House of PLLA Cream?

House of PLLA Eye Cream has Poly L Lactic Acid (PLLA)! If you struggle with thin, crepey skin in the eye area, or volume loss, this is a go-to cream. It is a game changer for thickening the skin under the eye because of how it boosts the production of collagen and elastin. You do need to take care not to get it in the eye, as it will sting. I prefer it for under eye use.

PLUS, House of PLLA Eye Cream contains Volufiline (think filler-like benefits) which increases the adipocyte volume in the fatty tissues in the eye area with consistent use. Not to mention it contains 4GF natural proteins responsible for returning skin to a more firm condition and PDRN to reverse the signs of aging. If your skin is responding nicely to other products in the PLLA line, you'll love this for the eyes. 

We don't stop there. I felt like I needed one more option. Like I've said, skincare isn't a one-size-fits-all situation. Some folks might not have drastic issues in the eye area but still want help with dark circles, or simply something better than OTC products for puffiness. 

And this is why I chose to add Dr. Esthe C. Tox Eye Cream to my store. You can use this product alone or AFTER a serum to take eye care to the next level.

Why Dr. Esthe C. Tox Eye Cream?

Dr. Esthe C. Tox Eye Cream depuffs and brightens like no bodies business! So if your eyes get puffy after a glass of wine, or you get dark circles from lack of sleep, etc., you will love this product!

It contains two patented ingredients that support the detoxification process needed for smoother, stronger, brighter skin in the area of the eyes. Lift Oleoactif© and Look Oleoactif©, plus 3% caffeine, 0.01% retinol, and avocado fruit extract make an effective combination for depuffing, brightening, and lifting! Put this on anytime you need to depuff, brighten, and lift your eyes. It's an excellent product to use with the Eye Rejuvenator Microcurrent


I recommend NeoGenesis Eye Serum as the first product you apply to the eye are after cleansing. Follow with an eye cream with the ingredients that will target your unique needs.

Want more hydration and skin thickening? Choose House of PLLA Eye Cream.

Want more detoxification, depuffing, and brightening, choose Dr. Esthe C. Tox Eye Cream

Want it all? Use all 3 and rotate using one cream in the AM (House of PLLA Eye Cream) and the other in the PM (Dr. Esthe C. Tox Eye Cream) of course, after you apply NeoGenesis Eye Serum. I'm confident you'll be thrilled with the results!

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