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5 Tips to Prevent and Treat Maskne

February 19, 2021

5 Tips to Prevent and Treat Maskne

Dealing with the psychological issues of Covid has been bad enough, but many are suffering from physical issues as well.

The term "maskne" has been coined, referring to individuals who are experiencing acne and mild to severe skin irritations because of wearing a mask for extended periods of time. Some are experiencing rosacea flareups, contact dermatitis, hair follicle infections, and mild to severe pain and itchiness.

Let's explore 5 Tips to Prevent and Treat Maskne

First, let me state that if you have severe acne or if your skin irritation symptoms persist after trying these recommendations, be sure to follow up with your dermatologist or healthcare provider. These tips are not meant to replace or override what your dermatologist or healthcare provider has advised.

  1. CLEANSE - You MUST remove bacterial buildup and restore your skin barrier to balance.

Your skin already has oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells sloughing around. Now that you are adding the humidity of your breath to the mix inside the mask, it becomes a petri dish of not-so-good things for your skin. Cleansing becomes CRUCIAL!

Do NOT use the cleansers found in the hospital. They are not PH balanced and will strip your skin of the good stuff. Prepare a SELF-CARE BAG (see below) and take some products to work with you. Most important is packing a GENTLE cleanser.

BE GENTLE WHILE WASHING. Use the splashing of water to rinse instead of cloth if your skin is irritated. The rubbing of cloth will only make it worse. Let the cleanser do the work.

Also, it's helpful to use a cooling method to help counteract the hot and humid microclimate created by a mask. This can be as simple as splashing cool water or using calming, cooling products like NeoGenesis Moisturizing Mist, or at the end of the day, applying a cooling mask like HydraLift Conducting Gel and Mask. Used alone as a mask, HydraLift contains ingredients that are very cooling, calming, and nourishing to the skin. Do NOT use oil-based products as this will clog pores and block the skin's ability to breathe. 

  1. Take a Mask Break

If you can remove your mask safely (socially distanced) for a few minutes (as few as 15 will help) every few hours AND wash your face – you can prevent maskne from even happening. This step would be a HUGE help in relieving the discomfort and put bacterial buildup in check. Take care to remove it with clean hands and place it in a place where it will not collect more bacteria. 

  1. Ditch the Makeup!

You may want to opt to stop using foundation, concealers, etc., on the skin while wearing a mask. Your face is covered in a mask, so why not skip the makeup to avoid clogging of pores even more.

  1. Create a barrier between your skin and the mask.

After you cleanse, apply a non-pore clogging moisturizer and one with calming ingredients or ingredients that support the natural skin barrier. I would recommend spritzing with NeoGenesis Moisturizing Mist, and while skin is damp from the mist, add a few drops of NeoGenesis Recovery . Allow this to completely absorb (1 minute) and follow with NeoGenesis Skin Barrier Renewal. And if you are especially dry, follow with NeoGenesis Intensive Moisturizer. This added protection will help keep the skin fresher longer.

  1. Mask Material Matters

Avoid wearing masks made of synthetic fabrics, such as nylon or rayon. Make sure you're not using a mask that has had chemicals sprayed on it. Cotton material with a couple of layers is perfect. The soft cotton will help reduce the irritation from the friction of the mask against the skin. Also, avoid washing your mask in a scented detergent.

Wash reusable fabric masks after every use. I know. This means you'll need to have a supply that will last several days, so you always have a clean one. After wearing a disposable maskthrow it away, don't reuse it. The disposable ones are bacteria sponges.

Consider keeping several face masks on hand in case you need a fresh one.

Contents for Maskne Self-Care Bag:


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