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High Performance Skincare: Using Fewer Products to Get Better Results

October 08, 2020

High Performance Skincare: Using Fewer Products to Get Better Results

The choices for skincare products are endless, right? With so many options, it can be maddening figuring out what to purchase. Before you know it, you have more bottles, sprays, lotions, and creams than you can count. It can also become a little addicting. 

Not to mention, when you read beauty mags talking about the 10-step, 12-step, and even a 17-step K-Beauty regimens, it's even more confusing. If you know me, you know I *love* a good K-Beauty product, but do we really need so many steps to manage our skincare? My professional opinion is NO!

Instead, I recommend investing in high performance products. This means we focus on QUALITY ingredients in higher percentages in the formula. You end up using fewer products to get better results. While the individual product may cost more, because it has a higher percentage of the active ingredient(s), you SPEND LESS because you are not contributing to a skincare graveyard filled with ineffective products, or products in steps you never actually do.

One example of needing fewer products is, since using NeoGenesis, I rarely need a chemical exfoliation because the S²RM® Technology enables my skin to naturally exfoliate and remain in homeostasis longer. 

If we have damaged skin, choosing a serum applicable to treating the damage is necessary. Serum contain an even higher percentage of the active ingredient aimed at treating the damage. This means your skin will work harder to heal and this transition is why you still need a moisturizer.

Moisturizing is a necessary step for all skin types because of poor air quality, and the fact that few people eat a healthy diet or drink enough water for adequate skin hydration. While I recommend being mindful of these important factors for good skin health, I realistically know few of us get it right every day (including me). A moisturizer must be the right formula for your skin type, and it must work well with any serums you’re using. Moisturizer should contain multi-tasking ingredients that are preventative (i.e. S²RM® Technology) to ward off the signs of aging, hold moisture (i.e. sodium hyaluronate butyrate), and have anti-oxidant properties.

Using technology as part of our graceful aging plan is just plain smart. Keeping facial muscles toned and lifted will allow us to look younger longer. Our devices should be high performance too. That’s why I love the Clareblend Mini, Time Master Pro, LED and the Anma so much. Using any of these devices will produce MULTIPLE benefits. For those who are getting a late start on their skincare journey, a disciplined skincare practice incorporating these devices will help you restore and rejuvenate your skin.

Plus, we must give our products TIME to work. Damaged skin will take several weeks to a few months to recover. Why? Because it didn't get in the condition it is in overnight, and neither will it heal overnight. But it *can* heal IF we give skin what it needs to heal. 

To gauge the improvements and boost your motivation on your skincare journey, take Before/After Pictures on a weekly basis.

In summary, a reasonable skincare practice should include a cleanser right for your skin, a serum to treat any damage and restore, a multi-tasking moisturizer, a regular facial massage to release fascia, stress, and drain lymph. And last but not least, a device or two for rejuvenation and proactive anti-aging. PS: If you're seeing a doctor for a medical need, always follow your doctor's directions.

And, you know I must remind you, skincare products and devices NOT USED, will not work. I urge you to make a commitment to PUT YOU FIRST on the to-do-list of your life. I promise when you do, you will be a better version of YOU for your family, friends, and colleagues.

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