FAQ MBK Glo - Lift & Sculpt

Safety Instructions

  1. This device should not be used in the following: children, pregnant women, patients with epilepsy, tumors and cancer patients, patients with cardiac pacemakers, implanted with cardiac defibrillators, and other devices implanted inside the body. If you have any medical questions, such as serious illness, epilepsy, etc., please consult your doctor before use.
  2. People who are allergic to light or taking drugs that cause light sensitivity are prohibited to use this device.
  3. Do not look directly at the light source, which may cause eye fatigue.
  4. Do not use red light for a long time on the thyroid (neck position). Direct stimulation of red light may cause thyroid hyperplasia.
  5. Do not use micro-current on the chest, this behavior may cause arrhythmia.
  6. To avoid electric leakage, burns, fire, or damage, do not immerse the device in water.
  7. Please don't use this device if you have eczema.
  8. Please wipe the device with anti-bacterial before using for the first time.
  9. If you have sensitive skin, please test an area on your arm first.
  10. When the power consumption is only 20 percent left, the red-light indicator will blink twice every 10 seconds to indicate that the device needs to be charged.
  11. This product is charged by the USB cable. The red-light blinks during charging. It will go solid when the device is fully charged.
  12. The product will automatically shut down when the battery has been drained.


Usage Instructions:

  1. Hold on/off button down for 3 seconds to turn on the device. Please do not use the unit while plugged in for charging.
  2. Please apply cleanser for deep cleansing mode.
  3. Please adjust the vibration to the lowest level when using it for the first time, and then adjust the settings higher if wanted.
  4. The device uses microcurrent technology. You may or may not feel the actual microcurrent stimulation. This is normal.

Device Introduction:

This multifunctional device is used for deep cleansing, product penetration and skin tightening. It integrates positive ion, negative ion, heat, vibration, red light, yellow light and microcurrent (EMS). Please use cleanser when using cleansing side and a conductive product when using the microcurrent/LED mode.


  • Positive ion: The positive ion mode helps remove residue and aids in deep cleansing.
  • Negative ion: The negative ion mode helps with product penetration.
  • Warm: The heat helps to open the pores for better product penetration and removal of residue on the skin.
  • Vibration: This mode will help release residue in the pores. It stimulates (awakens) the skin and aids in relaxing and toning.
  • Red light: 630nm-635nm, red light penetrates to the dermis, promoting growth of collagen to maintain the elasticity and water content of skin.
  • Yellow light: 590nm-595nm, yellow light can accelerate the blood circulation, activate cells, promote cell growth, and improve pigmentation.
  • EMS: Electric Muscle Stimulation (microcurrent), the device mimics brainwave signals to stimulate the muscles for a toning effect.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Please clean the brush after using. Please don't apply alcohol, nail remover and the other corrosive solution to wipe the machine. It may cause product failure, cracking parts or discoloration, etc. Please charge this device frequently to maintain the life of the product.

This device has a two-year warranty.