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8 Tips to Know if You're Getting PRO Skincare Advice

January 12, 2022

8 Tips to Know if You're Getting PRO Skincare Advice

There is no shortage of "beauty experts" - right! But how can you know if the beauty expert you follow is a PRO or an amateur?

This matters because if you're following the advice of someone who professes "expertise" when in fact they are an amateur, it can lead to adverse results - and - a big waste of time and money.

Here's 8 tips to know if the "beauty expert" you're following is a PRO you can trust.

  1. Licensing! A PRO skincare expert is licensed! A licensed PRO has completed a course of Esthetics training and/or education and must pass specific state written and practical examinations to earn Esthetics licensure through their state board of cosmetology or department of health. A few states license master estheticians, as well, who perform more advanced services. Without licensing, the advice given is not PRO advice. 
  2. Experience. A PRO skincare expert has real world clients and hands-on experience. He/she has either worked with clients in a spa, salon, private practice setting, or in offices of medical practitioners, such as dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Without hands on experience, advice is strictly amateur. Some of them are copying PRO's like me because they have no formal training or real-world experience.
  3. Trained in Skin Wellness. A PRO skincare expert is trained in skin wellness and provides a number of solutions to improve and repair the tone, texture, color, and youthfulness of the skin on the face, neck, and décolleté. Without formal training your "beauty expert" is a Wanna-Be beauty expert.
  4. Facial Anatomy Technique. A PRO skincare expert is trained in facial anatomy and develops anatomy-based techniques. The more well-trained and experienced in the anatomy of face, neck, and décolleté a PRO is, the more skilled his/her technique. Without training and experience working with facial anatomy, amateurs cannot attest to PRO techniques.
  5. Professional Quality. A PRO skincare expert will personally research and use professional grade products vs the cheap versions found on Amazon or mass-produced for OTC. The PRO's #1 priority is safety, and #2 priority is results from quality ingredients. Cheap product recommendations (or cramming every product under the sun in an online store) are common tactics for amateurs.
  6. Science-Based. A PRO skincare expert is trained in the science behind product ingredients and high-tech devices. He/she will apply the science in selecting product and devices and can articulate this knowledge as they educate clients. Knowing the science matters to a PRO.
  7. Recognizes but Never Diagnoses. A PRO skincare expert is trained to recognize a number of medical conditions affecting the skin and will refer their clients to a medical professional in these instances. He/she will explain medical diagnosis is left strictly up to licensed medical professionals, such as dermatologists. PRO training is vital for the ability to know when it's time to recommend a medical professional.
  8. Services Complement Dermatology. A PRO skincare expert is trained to provide clients with services that complement the treatment advice provided by a Dermatologist. Although the term “medical esthetics” is often thrown around, esthetics is not a medical practice and estheticians do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat skin conditions or diseases. Instead, the PRO skincare expert provides solutions that will complement and support dermatological treatments. 


The common denominator to these tips is licensing, training, and experience. Please make sure the advice you're taking is from a licensed PRO and this licensed PRO has many years of training and experience working hands-on with clients in real world applications.

Your skincare PRO should only recommend products and devices he/she knows to be backed by research and/or science and tested for safety, quality, and effectiveness - and - he/she uses them as well. 

Amateurs are not PRO skincare experts so make sure the "beauty expert" you're following is a PRO. 

Stay safe. Stay informed!


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