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7 Steps for a PRO Eye Treatment at Home

May 07, 2021

7 Steps for a PRO Eye Treatment at Home

It is said the eyes are the window to the soul. They're also a tell-tale sign of aging. So what can you do to counter the effects of aging on the eyes? Plenty, my friend!

Here are the same steps I use on clients in the studio. Follow these steps for a PRO eye treatment at home. 

NOTE: Never overwork the eye area. All of the tips in this article can be completed in less than 10 minutes TOTAL. All of the moves below should be performed with a very LIGHT touch. Use more of a sweeping movement than applying pressure. Because the skin is thin in this area, gentle sweeping movements are enough to get results. Applying too much pressure causes the fascia to smash instead of drain and shrink.

Before you get started, apply a generous amount of glide product like HydraLift Gel (super nourishing with aloe and other ingredients, stays wet a long time) or Sculplla Collagen Gel to the under-eye area. Reapply as needed during the steps below. Never allow the face to get dry, which would cause pulling and tugging on the thin, delicate skin around the eyes. Do not use oil-based products for these steps.

Start with a clean face and all eye makeup removed. 

Step 1 - Remember, always do release work before using a machine. The Anma will release stuck fascia and get the circulation flowing.

Step 2 - You can pick up an ultrasonic skin spatula just about anywhere cosmetics are sold. It uses micro-vibration to release.

Step 3 - You can pick up a Jade roller ball anywhere. Chill it for a great depuffing experience. Be GENTLE!

Step 4 - Time Master Pro Ultrasound with LED - Fantastic plumping effect and collagen stimulation.

Step 5 - Clareblend Mini Microcurrent - Use microcurrent as the last device to avoid undoing the lift you create using it. Great for lift and muscle tone improvement, plus collagen stimulation. Heavy lid, get lift above the brow.

Step 6 - NeoGenesis Eye Serum - Great for hooded eye or crepey skin around the eye. You can add an eye cream too if you want to for even more moisture. 

Step 7 - ScuPLLA Stem Cell Mist - Seal in moisture and add plumping effect with continued use.

Enjoy your PRO treatment at home at least twice a month, and you will have more youthful-looking eyes before you know it!

Get this at-home eye treatment protocol in a downloadable PDF in the Christine Byer Beauty Club.

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