Dr esthé Sun Protection Cream SPF 50


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This creamy, lotion-like sunscreen is simply delightful. Not only do you get superb sun protection, but you are also nourishing the health of your skin with every application!

With plant stem cells and 6 regenerative peptides to reduce wrinkles, maintain skin elasticity, and improve moisture. The goodness doesn't end there! Patented Derma Clera plays an important role in controlling skin barrier function by increasing the expression of keratin 10 and filaggrin (structural proteins in the outermost skin cells that form tight bundles, flattening and strengthening the cells to create a strong barrier).

You'll love this restorative, skin supporting, sun protection. 

This product goes on smooth and is never sticky and will not make skin look pale. It provides protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. A little goes a long way so the 50mL container will last!

Apply as last step in skincare routine to face, neck, and décolleté or before makeup.

Don't forget the back on your hands, tops of ear, and top of feet as they are exposed to sun too.



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Dr Esthé Sun Protection Ultra Repair SPF 50

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P Fisher
Super protective for your skin.

Not to heavy, not to light just the right amount of creamy texture. Blends easily into the skin. Leaves you looking fully hydrated.