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Did you know the stress of your day affects how your face ages? This may present as tightness around your mouth, jaw, temples, forehead, brows, cheeks - even your scalp! It shows up in your skin as deep lines, wrinkles, and sagging, folding, or bunching of the skin on your face. For example, repeated puckering or pursing of the lips will result in wrinkles forming across the mouth, like we also see on smokers.  

The ANMA is a specially designed device to help with these issues!

The ANMA device uses gua sha massage techniques in a handheld tool used to GENTLY massage and release facial tension. This action can release wrinkles, bunching, sagging, and overall tired facial muscles. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, the lighter you massage the deeper the release. 

Using the ANMA can assist in bringing hyaluronic acid (the stuff in expensive injectables that is natural part of skin) to the surface of the skin for fresher, more plump, and healthier skin. 

Why it Works:

Did you know that facial muscles are involuntary to emotion? Every thought and feeling, spoken or unspoken resides somewhere on our face. The muscles hold excessive tension throughout the day and even while we are sleeping. By gently massaging our face and scalp we minimize the impact of repeated facial expressions. This works by releasing the underlying tissue that weaves throughout the layers of skin and cells called fascia.

Fascia is the supportive infrastructure or shape of our face. When there is an injury to the tissues (i.e. trauma, acne lesions, surgery, TMJ or even whiplash, to name a few) the fascia tightens at the injured site to minimize damage. Normally, when stress is removed, the fascia releases and resumes its natural state. Except many times it doesn’t. Common everyday habits and dehydration can cause the fascia to get “stuck".”

Dehydration causes this fibrous tissue to become rigid and stubborn. Visually, we see deep lines. Over the years, repeated facial expressions such as squinting the eyes, furrowing the brows, etc. leave our musculature exhausted and depleted. This makes us look tired and older than we really are. Tense facial muscles can create involuntary habits like grinding our teeth, pursing our lips and furrowing our eyebrows.

The ANMA works by gently loosening and releasing the fascia. This, in turn, increases circulation, skin hydration and collagen production which improves the overall look of the face.

How to Use:

The ANMA is easy to use. Simply move it gently over the whole face to warm up the tissues (you can use water or oil if you need better slip but if your room is cool enough, try it on dry skin). This begins to increase circulation and hydration by gently unraveling the hardened or tangled fascia. The secret is to NOT press hard. The fibroblasts (made up of collagen and elastin) which are found in the superficial layers of fascia, respond to the lightest touch.

Forehead & Scalp

Hold the Anma and massage the forehead lightly, vertically and horizontally. Move all the way up to the scalp. Repeat the movement for 3 minutes, or until the skin becomes warm.


Sandwich the brow between the fingers of the Anma and move back and forth gently in a windshield wiper motion. After you feel the tension in this area release, press the thumbs of the Anma into the pressure points of the eye area. Repeat the first and second process until you feel the tension in this area lessen. Massage under the eye along the orbital rim by gently moving the Anma towards the temples. 

Mid Face (Jaw/Cheek/Chin)

Move the Anma lightly back and forth over the cheekbone and up and down the side of the jaw. If you have TMJ issues, you can slowly increase the pressure to help relieve any tightness in this area. Next try pressing the thumb of the Anma into the pressure point of the jaw. Hold a few seconds then move gently up and down.

Lower Face & Neck

First stimulate the jawline by using the handle of Anma to gently sweep down the neck towards the collarbones. Repeat till you feel the tension release in this area. Then to finish rub the fingers of the Anma in gentle circular motions above the collarbone moving towards the outside of the body. 

Cleanse your Anma with a gentle cleanser after each use and store it in the provided bag. Detailed instructions with pictures are included with each purchase.

Download PDF Instructions

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