ANMA - Fascia Massage Tool
ANMA - Fascia Massage Tool

ANMA - Fascia Massage Tool

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Currently we are shipping the CLEAR Anma. It is a sleek and modern look. If you choose the PINK or the GREEN Anma, they will begin shipping in 2 weeks. 

NOTE: We ONLY sell the Jane Mann ANMA. Be aware of knockoffs and copycats. The color of Jane's device has changed periodically to expose copycats. Originally it was yellow gold and then brown. It was then released in CLEAR and a LIMITED TIME SPECIAL-EDITION COLOR OF PINK will be exclusive for Christine Byer customers.


Do you have times when you feel the stress of the day in your face? This may present as tightness around your mouth, jaw, temples, forehead, brows,  cheeks - even your scalp! I also see tension in clients where the scull and top of spine meet at the back of the neck.

You may be wondering what this has to do with your skincare regimen?

Continuous facial tension shows up in your skin as deep lines, wrinkles, and sagging, folding, or bunching of the skin on your face. Yikes! For example, repeated puckering or pursing of the lips will result in wrinkles forming across the lip, like we also see in smokers.  

The ANMA is a specially designed device to bring relief!

Originally from China, warrior monks spread ANMA massage through Korea and on to Japan, where the technique was perfected.

The ANMA device uses those massage techniques in a handheld tool used to GENTLY massage and release deep facial tension that can lead to wrinkles, bunching, sagging, and overall tired facial muscles. Done in the privacy of your home! Turn unproductive TV time or bathtub/shower time into a pleasant facial contouring massage.

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, the lighter you massage the deeper the release. The ANMA massage gently releases the lines and wrinkles that make you look tired, mad, or sad when you really aren’t!

Using the device will assist in bringing hyaluronic acid (the stuff in expensive injectables) to the surface of the skin and make your face look fresh, plump, and healthy.

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