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Top 5 Tips for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

September 14, 2022

Top 5 Tips for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Dark circles can form as the result of lack of sleep or fatigue, aging, eye strain, allergies, dehydration, sun exposure, genetics, or anemia. It can be challenging to determine the cause and speaking with your doctor is important but I can share some tips to improve them.

Super Charge Circulation

I love microcurrent for stimulating the area around the eye. The Eye Rejuvenator with microcurrent and low heat works beautifully. I like to use C Tox Eye Cream as the conducting medium when using this device. Just wet the surface with water or conducting gel when it is fully absorbed. Moisture is all that's needed to ensure conduction with microcurrent. The caffeine and retinol combo in C Tox works wonders on dark circles. Please follow with sunscreen if this product is used in the morning. I prefer to do this at night. 

Retinol Regimen at Night

The gentlest retinol I have found is Sleep On It Vegan Retinol by CBE Botanicals. Take care to use it PM only due to the high content of retinol and allow it to fully absorb. The ingredients in this product that are so helpful is the Retinol Moist and the Samphira Wax (botanical retinol alternative from sea fennel) and Liposome Encapsulated Vitamin A (retinol formulated to improve skin penetration without irritation). With continued use, skin can brighten considerably. 

Vitamin C 

That's right! Vitamin C is the bomb for aiding in dark circles under the eyes. Taking a Vitamin C supplement and as a topical application tag team dark circles. My favorite topical is Triple C + CBE Botanicals. Most vitamin C topicals lose 80-90% of its potency within 6 days of opening. Not so with Triple C + Gold because the glutathione conjugation keeps it stable to the last drop! 

Boost Collagen Production

Aging skin gets thinner, and this can reveal the naturally occurring blood vessels in this area which can make undereye area appear darker. Using collagen-boosting eye products like HOP Eye CreamNeoGenesis Eye Serum or C Tox Eye Cream are excellent choices for collagen boosting properties in the ingredient decks.

For example, HOP Eye Cream contains PLLA, a known biostimulator for boosting collagen. NeoGenesis Eye Serum contains S2RM to return skin to a more youthful state of health and sodium hyaluronate butyrate, a type of hyaluronic acid that penetrates the deeper layers of the skin. C Tox Eye Cream contains Look Oleoactif© and Lift Oleoactif© both known to thicken and brighten skin in the area of the eyes.

Additional Skin Brightening Topicals

If one product worked for everyone that would be wonderful. It doesn't work that way because of the varying factors contributing to dark circles. Finding what works for your skin will require trial and error. I carry a variety of safe skin brightening topicals for you to choose from.

I recommend the following skin brightening topicals because the ingredient decks provide an opportunity to effectively brighten the skin. You can learn more here. 

Important Reminder

This process doesn't happen overnight so be prepared to repeat these steps daily for 6-8 weeks for the brightening effect develop. Some see results sooner, while others it may take longer. Giving up will ensure you don't get results! Take a before picture and then an after picture each week. The subtle changes can be missed otherwise. B & A pictures keep you motivated to continue your work. 

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