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Progress Pictures Pump You Up!

May 11, 2020

Progress Pictures Pump You Up!

It breaks my heart when I see someone give up before they get results. I mean, I understand frustration sets in when we don’t get results as fast as we think we should. We see someone else getting results fast and we think that should happen for us too.

Two things are important to note here.

The first thing is, we didn’t wake up one day look in the mirror and all of a sudden looking back at us is a face with deep wrinkles, frown lines, jowls, or sagging skin. It happened ever so slowly. So slowly, in fact, we didn’t see it happening.

The second thing is, before you can factually say something didn’t work, you must take steps to ACCURATELY measure your progress. That’s where PROGRESS PICTURES come in.

How many times have you looked at a picture of yourself from one year ago, five years ago, ten years ago, and cringed at your aging skin captured in time in those images?

We can certainly see the signs of aging when we look back at photos, right? But we didn’t notice it from day to day, week to week, or even month to month.

The reality is, the results of using high-performance products and technology are ALSO going to be gradual and subtle and over a period of time, and if you don’t capture these changes in photo’s you will miss them.

That is why I encourage you to take PROGRESS PICTURES!


It’s unreasonable to think all of your aging skin concerns are going to be reversed in one day, one week, or even one month. The good news is… if we stay vigilant, use high-performance products, and use technologically advanced devices, we CAN make significant improvements. I’m living proof!

Progress pictures…

  • provide FACTUAL information with which to monitor our success.
  • allow us to see what our critical mind can miss.
  • keep us motivated to continue our hard work.
  • help us avoid missing that one wrinkle that is softer, a little less droop

Even if you’ve already started using a device or a new product, you can start taking progress pictures. It’s never to late to begin because our work is never done. No one on this planet is frozen in time, well unless your face is jammed full of botox (grin). Aging takes place every day on young and old alike. We just decide to take steps to slow it down and to age gracefully.



  1. Remove all makeup, including mascara, lip gloss/color, and penciled brows.
    • Choose the time of day your face is at it’s best (think not puffy, tired, etc.)
  2. Tie, or use a headband, and pull hair away from your face.
  3. Use the brightest light you have available
    • Bad lighting will not show your progress accurately
  4. Using a phone camera or a digital camera, take a picture looking straight into the camera, and one with a left profile, and one with the right profile.
    • This is easier to do in front a mirror or ask someone to help you.


  1. You must use the EXACT same lighting, no makeup, hair, and pose as in the pictures above.
  2. Repeat steps #1 – 4 above
  3. The interval you choose should be at least one week apart.
    • For each successive picture use the same timing interval.
    • When using weekly images, it is a good idea to have AT LEAST 4 weeks of photo’s before judging.
    • Realize that it can take 6 – 8 weeks (or longer) for some to start seeing progress
  4. Be sure to add a date to them so you can go back and compare them.
  5. Compare pictures side by side to see the subtle changes that are taking place.
    • I recommend comparing pics from month to month as a goal so you can see the changes more clearly.

Human beings by nature require a reward system to keep doing something that takes discipline. Your progress pictures will help you continue the work necessary for managing aging skin.

Whatever you do, DON’T GIVE UP! In time, your hard work WILL pay off with healthier skin!

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