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Three Skincare Hacks to Better Results Using Skincare Products

November 29, 2018

Three Skincare Hacks to Better Results Using Skincare Products

The challenges we face with aging skin are many and understanding how to face these challenges and win is what my mission is all about.

Aging never stops so our quest for youthful-looking skin is endless. It would be wonderful if all we had to do was apply a magic serum and wa-lah, the hands of time are reversed.

Since there's more to it than that, I am sharing my top 3 skincare hacks to help ensure you get the most out of your skincare routine and high-performance products. 

Let's begin!

Hack #1 – Hydrate!

We’ve been told to drink 8 glasses of water 8 times a day (8×8 rule) but in 2002 a study was done proving there is no scientific data to back that up. The reason is some food contains significant amounts of water. For example, fruit and vegetables are high water content foods so we can get 20% of our water from food.

The NEW rule of thumb is this – if you’re thirsty – HYDRATE - and don't ignore your thirst!

When you do, it’s a good rule of thumb to hydrate with water since it’s inexpensive and won’t add pesky pounds or hijack the body with caffeine, artificial sweeteners, or sugar. Remember, caffeine is a natural diuretic and will drain the body of water.

Dieticians report that most of the time people often mistake thirst for hunger. Next time you think you’re hungry, drink a large glass of water and you'll be surprised how the body favorably responds.

Here’s Why Water Matters to Your Skin…

When skin is well hydrated, pores will be smaller, the natural exfoliation process works better, and the stem cells necessary for the regeneration of collagen and elastin can populate instead of dwindling away. Plus, hydrated skin responds better to skincare products. You’ll waste money on quality products if you’re not going to keep your body hydrated - or pollute your hydration with toxic ingredients.

Hack #2 – Facial Massage

The muscles in our face, neck, and scalp (yes, scalp) greatly affects our appearance as we age. Repeated facial expression from smiles, grimaces, puckering the lips, eyebrow furl, and forehead scrunches, over time carves creases, wrinkles, and causes sagging and stuck fascia.

Massage has a direct impact on the circulation of blood, lymph, and oxygen. More oxygen creates a brightness to the complexion. More blood flow increases the production of collagen. Gentle massage drains lymph (the stuff filling those puffy eye bags) and helps the detoxification process.

The benefit of massage is one reason I’m a huge fan of microcurrent treatments and the ANMA. The gentle massage that takes place during a microcurrent session (in-studio or at home) has a HUGE impact on reversing the tightness, lack of circulation, and increasing the production of collagen and elastin.

Hack #3 – Exfoliation

The skin goes through a regular exfoliation process if it's not hindered. This exfoliation process contains dead skin cells. Cleansing in the morning and again in the evening helps remove them. 

If you find your skin has become dull, flaky, filmy, and your pores seem to be taking over your face, it may be time for a gentle exfoliation treatment. If you’re applying great products over skin that’s clogged with dead skin cells, you won’t get the results you’re expecting.

Exfoliate once or twice a week using GENTLE ingredients in the right formula and with the proper percentages so you don’t strip the skin barrier.

The right combination of fruit enzymes exfoliates will refine, brighten, and clarify the skin. A light exfoliation provides energy and radiance to the skin, GENTLY resurfaces the skin, minimizes surface lines and enlarged pores, and improves the overall tone and texture of the skin while reducing skin sensitivity and irritation. You’ll love how bright and clear your skin looks. 

Products I love for a gentle exfoliation are:

Apply these 3 skincare hacks regularly to give yourself a chance to stay ahead of the aging skin.


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