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The Truth About Skincare Results!

August 10, 2022

The Truth About Skincare Results!

No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on skincare products and advanced technology and then not see results. Right!

Here's the thing... you likely won't notice the results if you don't track them. In this article we'll discuss an easy way to track your results - and - look at the truth about when we could start seeing results.

The first thing to know is skin (even when using the best products & technology) doesn't transform overnight and this must be kept in mind in order to set reasonable expectations.

As we age, skin regeneration slows drastically. What once was a 6-week cycle of skin cell regeneration can easily turn into 12 weeks and longer - if - we don't know how to use products and advanced technology to support and expedite this process. Doing nothing ensures this process gets slower and slower as the years go by.

Did you notice I said there is a 6-week cycle for skin cell regeneration? That is for normal, healthy skin. The process works like this. Skin cells rise to the surface of our skin as a natural process. Then skin cells die off when they reach the surface. At the same time this is happening, new skin cells form. The work we are doing (or not doing) on our skincare journey either supports this process or prohibits it.

Of course, we want to be able to see results using the products and advanced technology we've invested in, right! The next question is, how can we do this and how long should it take?   

Most of the changes that take place in the skin when we are using skincare products and advanced technology are very subtle. That is why I cannot stress strongly enough, track your progress with pictures. The subtle changes will be missed if left to visual recall or just looking in the mirror. It's impossible to recall what the skin looked like in the morning, let alone from week to week. 

Capturing your progress in pictures ensures your ability to see these subtle changes. However, taking these pictures properly is vital to getting an accurate record of your success.  

The Best Way to Track Your Results

  1. Once a week is a good timeframe for this process. Plan when you are going to take your pictures and do it the same time every week. Make this part of your skincare routine. 
  2. Lighting matters! Step outside into bright light if you can, or stand near a well lit window with great natural light. Bad lighting causes shadows that will reflect poorly on your progress. Use the SAME lighting with all your pictures. 
  3. Remove makeup and ensure your skin is clean at picture time.
  4. Pull your hair back with every picture so your face is fully seen. At a  minimum use same hair style with every picture.
  5. Wear the same color because color changes the tone of skin. If you wear red in one picture and navy in other, you won't get an accurate depiction of skin improvement because these color differences will impact how your skin looks. It's okay not to wear a top at all. You're only taking a head shot and these pictures are for your eyes only. Otherwise, wear the same color to ensure accurate comparisons without color distortions.
  6. Use the same pose and expression. If you're smiling in one picture, you should smile in them all. The camera lens should be at or above your eye level. You should not be looking down into the camera. Use the same camera position every time. Set the timer delay to give yourself time to strike a pose. 10 seconds is enough time. You'll find this option in your camera settings. 
  7. You're taking 3 pictures. Pose once looking straight at the camera. Pose for one right profile picture and pose for one left profile picture. Keep your chin slightly up each time so the same profile is captured each time.  
  8. These pictures are for your eyes only so don't worry about what they look like. We are our own worst critics. Be kind to yourself. You are simply going to compare them week to week to see the subtle changes taking place in your skin.

It's exciting to see these changes happening. It motivates us to keep doing the work. Without these pictures, we will miss them and we might give up and lose out on what we could have accomplished for ourselves.

Potential Changes Week to Week

  • Many see subtle changes in fine lines first. They appear less noticeable around the eyes, across the forehead, on the cheeks. 
  • Flakiness of the skin begins to improve. 
  • The skin texture may begin to look and feel slightly more taut.
  • The skin will look more hydrated and this often shows up as better texture.
  • Skin tone may start to settle down with less inflammation or ruddy patches and slightly lighter brown spots. 
  • Skin that looked and felt bumpy may begin to look and feel smoother. 
  • The forehead may appear smoother with deeper lines softening.
  • The top lids of the eyes may look less hooded.
  • The brows may look slightly higher.
  • The fascia between the eyebrows may look less tight.
  • The undereye area may look brighter, less puffy, less fine lines, and more even in color with lighter dark circles. 
  • The skin in the lip area may begin to look and feel more smoother.
  • The corners of the mouth may look more raised.
  • The cheeks may look more lifted and have more shape.
  • The jowls may look less saggy.
  • The jawline may look more defined and tighter.
  • The neck may look tighter and smoother.

Each week these areas can continue to improve so long as you stay consistent with your skincare routine.

Please don't give up if you don't see changes right away.

If your skin is already in pretty good shape, changes won't be as noticeable because your skin is already in good shape. You're doing the work you do to maintain it.

On the other hand, if you've neglected your skin for a long time, it will need time to respond. Set reasonable expectations and focus on consistency.  

Anytime you start using a new product or device, commit to at least 6 weeks before you decide it doesn't work for you. Remember, there is no such thing as a one size fits all skincare product. Each person's skin will respond differently to different ingredients. Finding the product (or products) with the ingredients your skin loves and the technology your skin responds to is always the goal.

Track your results so you will be able to see first hand the progress you're making. 

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