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Secret to Cleansing Like a Pro

August 04, 2021

Secret to Cleansing Like a Pro

Cleansing is the foundation for everything we do in skincare. Improper cleansing will result in washing our money down the drain. Other products simply won't be as effective on partially clean skin, or harshly cleansed skin.

If you've ever washed your face and then noticed your drying cloth still shows signs of makeup or grime, your face is NOT clean and it's NOT because you didn't use enough cleanser. It's because you're cleansing practice needs refined. 

The secret to cleansing like a Pro is the double cleanse protocol. I know. I know. It's a little more work but you will LOVE how your skin looks and feels. Plus, you will be setting the stage for BETTER RESULTS with the rest of the skincare products you're using. 

It is important to note that cleansing should not strip the skin barrier of the good stuff. Human skin isn't like a cowhide that requires rough scrubbing and harsh chemicals to tame it. Human skin needs a GENTLE, PH balanced cleanser, steps that thoroughly remove makeup and grime, and respect for the delicate nature of human skin for the best care.

In the double cleanse protocol, we remove makeup and some dirt from the surface of the skin with the first cleanse. Like we've all seen on a dirty drying cloth, that's not enough. The second cleanse gets the remaining dirt AND gets into the pores. Larger looking pores are often the result of grime left on the skin causing an over production of oil, which attracts more dirt filling and stretching the pores. Get those pores clean and they'll tighten up.

Don't be mislead by the recent YouTube oil cleanse for the face. There is very little research validating it is a good long term solution for cleansing. From my 20 years of hands-on experience, an oil cleanse ends up being more drying than it is nourishing. Using oil to remove oil can remove too much of what is needed to maintain a healthy skin barrier. For example, caster oil is astringent and is very drying. This is especially troublesome for mature skin that is lacking moisture.

I recommend sticking to PH balanced cleansers with a very low amount of oil in them. Any oil in the cleanser should be near the middle or bottom of the ingredient list indicating smaller amounts  

Here's the steps to a PRO Double Cleanse:

  1. Pull your hair back using a spa facial headband. Do a Google search to find some you like. They range from utilitarian, organic, to ones with cute bunny ears. I recommend cleansing with a towel wrapped around the upper body or a thick robe since splashing is unavoidable. 
  2. Wash your hands before you cleanse your face so you begin with clean hands.
  3. If you're wearing waterproof mascara, use a gentle make-up remover to get that process started. If you're not wearing waterproof mascara, this double cleanse will be enough to remove it and all other makeup. 
  4. Splash lukewarm water on your face. Choose your favorite cleanser. Some like to begin with a Just Say Ahh or NeoGenesis Cleanser for the first cleanse. This is a personal preference but it's one I love and find effective. Choose what feels right for your skin.
  5. Dispense cleanser in the palm of your wet hands. Rub hands together to distribute cleanser between your two hands. If you're using a cleanser from the CBE Botanicals line, a nickel's worth of cleanser is plenty. If you're using NeoGenesis cleanser, one pump is plenty. 
  6. GENTLY massage the entire face, making sure you also cleanse the neck and décolletage. With eyes tightly closed, gently use finger tips to cleanse eye lids, lashes, and brows. 
  7. Rinse by splashing lukewarm water until all cleanser is rinsed away. Do NOT use hot water. Hot water will dry the skin and can aggravate broken blood capillaries. Using a warm (NOT HOT), wet soft facial cloth is okay too. Don't be rough on skin with the cloth. Always be gentle. RINSE WELL.
  8. Choosing another application of the same cleanser or another one of your favorite cleansers, repeat these steps to perform a second cleanse. I like to use Scrub Away the Day for my second cleanse and many of my customers prefer NeoGenesis Cleanser for their second cleanse. Remember, do not use too much of your cleansing product.  
  9. RINSE WELL to remove all cleanser from face, neck and décolletage taking care to rinse the crevices to left and right of the nose. Product can collect there. 
  10. Follow with your favorite essences, serums, moisturizer, and of course, sun screen.  

Give the PRO double cleanse protocol a try and I'm certain you will never go back to the old fashioned way of cleansing the face.


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