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Plant Stem Cells vs Human Stem Cells

May 09, 2020

Plant Stem Cells vs Human Stem Cells

We get a lot of questions about stem cell technology. I want to state clearly no product sold at CBE uses embryonic stem cells.

Just like you, we want to stay away from the kind of stem cell production that is questionable, inferior, and which has a poor delivery system making them incapable of making a difference on human skin.

We also want to point out there are no actual stem cells are in any product. Stem cells are living things, which are way too large to penetrate the outer layer of the skin, and too fragile to exist in skincare products.

The line of stem cell skincare that I carry, which is all NeoGenesis products, contain S²RM® molecular proteins made from adult human skin stem cells. These “messenger” proteins provide “instructions” to our cells for growth and repair.

Unlike competitors, who’ll use bone marrow or fat to develop molecules, NeoGenesis uses the correct set of adult stem cell types that are resident in the skin. As opposed to stem cell types from other parts of the body that serve functions other than to maintain and heal the skin.

NeoGenesis has a lengthy, unique processing approach to capture the molecules released from the stem cells into a therapeutic product. This process produces the most natural and effective products to put back into the skin what was there when it was young.

Others on the market claim human stem cell technology, but they’re taking shortcuts that render their products ineffective. They use harsh chemical extraction techniques that damage and deform the proteins and obstructs a proper amino acid sequence. Incomplete molecules without an effective delivery system leave your skin lacking in what they need to heal.

Now let’s talk about plant stem cells.




In skincare, plant stems cells can provide only moderate benefits. Plant stems cells can encourage human stem cell activity, but only with other actives or peptides since plant stem cells have limited function. Plants stem cells come from…you guessed it…plants. These stem cells heal the plant. If you break off a plant stem, it can grow back thanks to stem cells. However, UNLIKE human stem cells, the growth factors, cytokines, and other proteins do not have the ability to act the same way in humans, as in plants.

In summary, plant stem cells can assist in increasing production of human skin cells and collagen, but by only means of delivering useful nutrients – think anti-oxidants – and only when combined – with other actives.

Adult stem cell technology is superior for skincare in that the molecules are recognized by the skin and are more effective at increasing the production of human skin cells and collagen on their own leading to better results.

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