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Oh No! Am I Too Late to Start an Anti-Aging Routine?

September 29, 2021

Oh No! Am I Too Late to Start an Anti-Aging Routine?

Many of us were not fortunate enough to learn the importance of caring for our skin on a daily basis in our early years. If we did, we may have ignored the advice because we felt our youth would last forever - until it didn't.  

Top this off with the limited availability of quality products and technology up until about 10 years ago, and many of us are behind in the progress we'd like to have achieved by now.

You are not alone! BUT - are you too late?

No you are not too late! And this is wonderful news - but - I would be remiss if I did not help you set reasonable expectations. Even with advanced home-use technology and high performance ingredients in our routines, we have to know what is reasonable in terms of setting expectations.

Reality Check

If we expect IMMEDIATE, DRASTIC changes to skin that is experiencing the effects of LONG TERM neglect with a mere few days or even few weeks of topical skincare products and home-use devices, that is NOT a reasonable expectation. Even if they are the best of the best available.

Immediate, drastic changes are only possible if we elect facial plastic surgery. This choice comes with a hefty price tag and with substantial risks. There should be no shame associated with these choices. We are in charge of how we choose to age. It is a personal choice. But if this isn't a choice you want to make, I'm here to show you what IS possible with modern restorative skincare.

What CAN be done and HOW?

If you are willing to commit to an AM and PM routine using QUALITY products and high tech devices, AND you're willing to do this CONSISTENTLY for 12 - 16 weeks, it is possible to see results begin to build. I see it all the time! My own mother at age 78 simply glows after a PRO treatment. Check out the recent video.

Here's some exciting news... the longer you maintain a restorative skincare routine, the results continue to build.

The HOW begins with investigating and choosing products with ingredients that will support your unique challenges. Take the time to learn what will make an impact in the areas in which you're struggling. 

Helping you with this journey is what my MISSION is all about. Education is on every page of my website, in every video, social media post, and in every email message! 

You *MUST* Measure Your Progress

I cannot stress how important it is to measure your progress. This is a long-term commitment. In order to maintain the motivation required to do this work, you need to SEE results. Otherwise, you'll get discouraged and give up too soon!

You can EASILY achieve this with a WEEKLY PROGRESS picture. LEARN how to do this HERE. The changes will be gradual so you'll miss them if you don't capture them in a picture. It's a phenomena similar to olfactory adaptation (nose blindness). Your long term exposure to seeing your face day after day makes you blind to subtle changes. You really MUST capture them in a picture you can compare to the previous week(s). It's very exciting and motivating! 

What *ELSE* Can Be Done?

Our DAILY choices have a significant impact on the effectiveness of our skincare routine. We CANNOT feed our bodies sugar laden foods, artificial preservatives, over consume alcohol and smoke daily, and expect glycated skin, collagen loss, and skin pigmentation to magically improve. That's like pouring coffee in the gas tank of your car and expecting it to run. Our choices are going to have an effect on the condition of our skin. 

If we want better skin, really want it, we must honor ourselves by making better choices. This is not about shame or guilt! It's above LOVE and SELF-RESPECT. We deserve better treatment than this - and it begins with our personal choices.

Additionally, how often we move our bodies matter. Movement matters! It doesn't have to be a marathon or excessive. Put on a song that you simply cannot resist dancing to - and dance! Go for a 10-minute walk instead of reaching for the bag of chips. Any movement is GOOD movement! So make it a goal to move your body DAILY!

The human body is a phenomenal creation - see it as the WONDER that it is!

Healthy food choices, drinking plenty of water each day, daily movement of some kind, quality topical products and devices, will support the work we're doing to improve the health and appearance of our skin.

We have to start somewhere, anywhere! And then keep building healthy habits over time.

And NONE of this happens overnight! Reasonable expectations means doing the work required for restorative skincare, doing it consistently, and giving the body the respect it deserves and the time it needs to heal.

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