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Improve the Texture of Your Skin

February 14, 2020

Improve the Texture of Your Skin

No matter if you’ve abused your skin with sun exposure, or years of smoking making it leathery and rough, OR if aging and menopause have caused thinning, you CAN improve the texture of your skin. This article will walk you through tips and techniques you can start using today.

The first thing to realize about improving the texture of your skin is, your skin did not get in it’s current condition overnight – and neither will it recover overnight. The steps outlined here will require a commitment from you and the discipline to follow these steps on a daily basis.

THE GOOD NEWS IS – the outer layer of our skin (epidermis) regenerates itself every 28 days, so by adding these steps you could be one month away from more beautiful skin texture. Some will see faster results, while others may need to continue for a few more weeks or months. And, our work never ends because aging never stops. If you have severely glycated skin, you may need to take some addition steps not outlined here. I’ll cover that topic in another article.

If you decide to do put these steps to a test, TAKE A BEFORE PICTURE. Then take another picture one week apart for several weeks to use for comparison. This is necessary to capture the subtle changes taking place. Do not wear makeup, use good lighting, strike the same pose, and use the same lighting for your pictures so you can accurately measure results.

CLEANSE PROPERLY: Cleansing twice a day (morning/evening) is the first step to improving the texture of your skin. Insufficient cleansing will leave dead skin cells on the surface resulting in the formation of bacteria, blackheads, enlarged pores, scaly, flaky skin, and excess oil. All which deteriorate the texture of skin. Cleansers are not a one size fits all situation. Finding the one right for you will require trying a few. You’ll know it is right for your skin by how your skin feels immediately after use. Skin should simply feel fresh and clean, not stripped, dry and stressed. Checkout my favorite cleansers here.

HELPFUL HINT: Most people use too much of the product during each use. A good product will require a small amount (dime to nickel size). Cleanse once to rid the skin of makeup and dead skin cells. With your PM routine, cleanse a second time to remove the build up of grime that makeup attracts. Rinse well! 

I often get asked about the use of a spinning cleansing tool or a washcloth. A cleansing device may be helpful IF your skin is thick, rough, and is NOT sensitive. If you have sensitive skin, simply use your hands because those tools can over stimulate skin. No matter what, be gentle so you don’t aggravate your pores with aggressive cleansing. This can cause permanent damage to your pores.

HOW TO ADD MOISTURE TO YOUR SKIN: When the skin doesn’t get enough moisture, the pores can enlarge making the skin look pitted. Again, a moisturizer is not a one size fits all product. Remember moisturizers and serums are two different kinds of products. Moisturizer formulas provide hydration or help the skin to hold its natural moisture, while serums have concentrated ingredients based on the problem-solving need for which they were created. Use a QUALITY moisturizer TWICE DAILY (AM/PM) as part of your skincare regimen. I love these moisturizers.

HELPFUL HINT: You’ll know the moisturizer is right for YOUR skin when the skin feels more supple and fresh after an application. If your skin feels greasy or oily, the product isn’t right for your skin. If you feel like you need more, add a serum with hyaluronic acid (Sodium Hyaluronate Butyrate is the best) which helps your skin hold its natural moisture. 

CHOOSE A SERUM SPECIFIC TO YOUR NEED SO YOU DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY: Adding a serum to your regimen such as NeoGenesis Recovery for damaged skin or NeoGenesis Booster for thinning skin, or NeoGenesis Skin Serum for plumping and antioxidants, is an excellent way to support better skin texture. Add a drop of NeoGenesis Booster to your moisturizer for improved skin texture. The NeoGenesis Collection line of products contain adult S2RM, stem cell releasing molecules, technology proven to return skin to a balanced homeostasis resulting in improved skin texture and tone. Explore serums I use here.

EXFOLIATE BUT DON’T OVER-EXFOLIATE: Exfoliating the skin twice a week for deeper removal of dead skin cells is helpful. The key to this step is choosing the best method of exfoliation that is right for your skin. Thinning skin may do well with a gentle facial scrub while tougher, rough skin will benefit from an exfoliating mask or salicylic acid (.5% – 1%) or lactic or glycolic acid (2.5% – 5%) peel to stimulate faster cell turnover necessary for improved texture. Additionally, using a quality retinol product creates a natural exfoliation, but choose one that is encapsulated (Sleep On It) to avoid skin irritation. More sensitive skin may only need a once weekly exfoliation.

ADD A MASK TO YOUR REGIMEN LIKE THIS: Treating yourself to a face mask at home is a great way to clear out pores and tighten skin texture. For someone with oily skin and large pores, a mask containing clay like that found in NeoGenesis Enzyme Creme Mask is an excellent choice. A quality mask will improve overall tone and texture of the skin. Treat yourself to a mask treatment once a week to improve skin texture. I have a line of MASKS to choose from.

SKIPPING SUNSCREEN IS A MISTAKE: Please don’t spend money on great products and then fail to use a quality sunscreen that is right for your skin. UV rays in the sun break down collagen and elastin and expands pores, along with the risks of sun damage, wrinkles, and premature aging. Finding a sunscreen that doesn’t suffocate your skin OR cause break outs from too much oil, or doesn’t dry it out, can be tricky. Read the ingredients, look for non-comoedogenic ingredients. Sculplla Sun Cushion is my new favorite sun protection. Find a sunscreen here.

YOUR MAKEUP SELECTION MATTERS: Choose non-comedogenic makeup. There are tons of options on the market but read the ingredients and use a water-based primer to smooth out pores. Look for ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, and antioxidants so you don’t undo the work you’re doing in the previous steps by clogging your pores, drying out your skin, or causing breakouts. Always apply your skincare products as a base for your makeup. Foundation makeup on bare skin does not nourish the skin. 

CHOOSE DEVICES WISELY: Devices are becoming more available to home skincare enthusiasts but you’ll want to research well before making your purchase. The specifications of the device matter because each produces different results. When it comes to a device that has the power to produce smoother skin, I like the Time Master Pro Ultrasound with LED. The low-frequency ultrasound of this device creates a vibration of the surrounding skin tissues all the way down to a cellular level. Oxygen to the cells increases and it removes waste in the pores for smoother skin. The rapid oscillation of tissue promotes movement between inner and outer cells and increases fibroblast activity necessary for increased collagen formation. Collagen is necessary for youthful-looking skin. With continued use, new elastin forms which help to tighten the skin and give it more bounce. I love these devices for safety and results.

Other devices options are Microcurrent, LED, IPL and Laser. Learn more about these modalities here.

SEE YOUR LOCAL ESTHETICIAN: While use of great products, devices, and techniques can be done at home, nothing is better than a great facial from a licensed esthetician. Every 4 – 6 weeks, or at minimum a couple times a year, or for special events like a wedding, schedule a facial with your local esthetician. Your esthetician will have access to products and devices not available to the general public. He/she will know how to treat your skin without causing any damage so you achieve smoother, clearer, healthier skin. Here's a link to help you locate one.

IMPORTANT: Eating a healthy diet, getting in a minimal amount of exercise, and hydrating your body with water on a regular basis, will have a huge impact on the health of your skin. A body lacking good nutrition, water, and moderate exercise is like trying to grow luscious plants with inconsistent watering, failing to provide them with soil containing the nutrients needed for that plant, and lack of the sunshine needed so they can grow. So, if you’re doing all the steps outlined above and still struggling, give some thought to the quality of your diet, hydration, and exercise.


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