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Help! Which Eye Product Should I Use?

April 02, 2021

Help! Which Eye Product Should I Use?

One of the first places we begin to show aging on the face is the eye area. So it makes sense to be vigilant with skincare for the eyes.

Many things affect the appearance of the skin around our eyes. For example, failure to wear sunglasses year-round to prevent the squinting that can increase crow's feet, to applying eye care products with a tugging and pulling instead of a patting technique.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, dehydration, and water-retention from too much sodium in the diet are also factors affecting the skin around the eyes.

But don't be discouraged, there are many things we can do to take great care of the eyes. 

It's important to note, the skin around the eyes is much thinner and doesn't contain as many oil glands or as much collagen as the rest of the skin on the face. Therefore it tends to sag and wrinkle before the other areas of our face. 

Simple things like using a chilled jade roller to decrease puffiness, to a feather-light massage with the Anma to improve circulation, lifting the muscles surrounding the eye with microcurrent, and, of course, using high performance products faithfully, will prevent premature aging of the eyes and help us treat any existing sagging, puffiness, tone and texture loss. 

You will find 2 (two) very powerful eye products in my store so naturally a couple of questions we get are, which one should I use and what's the difference between NeoGenesis Eye Serum and Sculplla H2 Promoter Repair Eye Cream?

Let's Explore the Differences 

The biggest difference is NeoGenesis is a serum, and Sculplla is a cream. If you've been reading my blog, you know that a serum is more potent than a cream because serums contain more of the active ingredients than a cream formulation.

NOTE: The quantity of active ingredients is adjusted in products made for the delicate area of the eyes, which is why it's important to use products developed for the eye and not just any product.

The second difference is the ingredients in each product uses different healing technologies.

NeoGenesis Eye Serum

NeoGenesis contains the S²RM® technology which is adult skin stem cell molecules that instruct the skin to return to homeostasis by producing more collagen. Additional ingredients in the formula helps to retain moisture, decrease dark circles, and improve tone and texture of the delicate skin around the eyes.

The S²RM® technology is combined with a higher grade of hyaluronic acid called Sodium Hyaluronate Butyrate (SHB). SHB is more effective at retaining moisture and brightening the skin because it effectively penetrates the skin's dermal layer. Plus, NeoGenesis Eye Serum contains a peptide formulation to fight free radical damage to help decrease dark circles and improve tone and texture of the skin. 

Skin responds well to NeoGenesis because it contains biologically recognizable ingredients in the S²RM® technology. There are few to no negative reactions to this formula, even on the most sensitive of skin.

Sculplla H2 Promoter Eye Repair Cream

Sculplla uses a combination of PLLA (poly-l-lactic acid), Volufiline, 4GF, and PDRN to plump out wrinkles and counter the signs of aging skin.

Sculplla's PLLA (a bio-stimulator instructing the skin to produce new collagen) and Volufiline (a topical filler-like ingredient) increases the adipocyte volume in the fatty tissues resulting in a plumping effect on wrinkles. Some see plumping immediately, while others will need a few weeks for visible improvement. PDRN (biological molecules that promote skin repair) and Growth factors (GF) (natural proteins made by skin cells to maintain healthy skin), in this formula helps with anti-aging benefits.

Sculplla H2 Promoter Eye Repair Cream does create momentary eye blurriness if product gets in the eye because it contains jojoba oil. For that reason, I recommend contact wearers use it very carefully or below the eye and not above the eye to avoid this issue. 

Which Product Should You Use?

I use them both which is ideal for the most anti-aging benefits, but the bottom line is, this is more a matter of preference. You may prefer the more traditional cream formula, instead of a serum. You'll see improvements no matter which product you choose.  

I apply NeoGenesis Eye Serum first and after it fully absorbs, I follow with Sculplla H2 Promoter Eye Repair Cream and I love the results I get.

If you want to improve dark circles, tone sagging skin, thicken up skin around the eye with renewed bounce, and you want to retain hydration, NeoGenesis Eye Serum is a winner. 

If you want some extra help with stubborn wrinkles using the plumping effect of PLLA and Volufiline and add hydration then Sculplla H2 Promoter Eye Repair Cream is a great solution.

No matter which product you choose; the best results are seen after 4 to 6 weeks of consistent use. I strongly encourage you to take a BEFORE picture when you begin a consistent eye skincare routine. Take an AFTER picture every couple of weeks to capture the subtle changes. These pictures are a great tool to motivate you to stick with your routine.

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