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Find Balance in Skincare: Nourish vs Workout

November 24, 2021

Find Balance in Skincare: Nourish vs Workout

Do you keep adding more products and devices to your skincare routine and then get frustrated because you're not seeing the results you'd like to see? It's time to find balance in your skincare routine. 

What is balance? 

The goal is to find balance between "nourishing" skin and "working" the skin. By nourishing, I mean using products with ingredients that hydrate, repair, and feed the skin. By working, I mean using technology to push the skin to do more. Some high-performance skincare products will also "work" the skin such as those with PLLA.

Yes, you can overwork the skin even with great skincare products and devices. If you are piling on products without understanding what your skin needs, you could be wasting your money or sabotaging your results.

The goal is to strike a balance between nourishing the skin, working the skin to improve it, and giving your skin time to rest.

How to know if you skin is out of balance. 

If you are making progress on your skin and then it starts looking dry, wrinkles begin to look worse, or your skin gets flaky, red, or blotchy, or looks flat and dull, it may be overworked. Overworking the skin can also happen if you strip the skin barrier with harsh cleansers, undergo too many chemical peels, over exfoliate, as well as through overuse of high-performance products and/or devices without proper rest for the skin.

Rest for the skin matters!

I love using advanced technology and high-performance products because it makes a BIG difference in the anti-aging skincare journey. But skin must be given rest from all this work.

A word of caution. If you think you can bypass device instructions and use them more than suggested, you'll regret that choice. Results from technology takes time. Using the device MORE will not speed results. Plumped skin looks wonderful but if you go too far it will go flat and lose its glow and radiance. More is not better with devices. Follow device instructions. 

Rest should be incorporated into your skincare routine to allow the skin to do what it needs to do to heal and repair. I recommend ONE DAY A WEEK in which you just do the basics so your skin can rest. 

Cleanse (AM/PM) with a PH balanced cleanser, use one serum (aimed at supporting what your skin needs most - NeoGenesis Recovery is a great choice - moisturize, and apply sun protection.

This means no devices on the day of rest and limited high-performance serums or products.

How to restore balance.

If you've overworked your skin, all you have to do is go back to the basics until skin begins to improve. When skin begins to improve - go slow! 

Usually within a week or two the skin begins to look and feel better. Take longer if your skin needs more time or less if a few days of rest is working.

Then, when your skin is ready, incorporate one extra step (one serum and one device) at time. Give the skin another week or two to adjust before adding more. And continue to plan one day a week in which you don't use a device or high-performance serums. Just do the basics to let skin rest. (Note: If you're on a prescription product, please follow your physician's instructions for use.)

Remember, skin is doing its thing under the surface and the results take time to build. This is what it means to be on a "skincare journey". We will need to make adjustments along the way to healthier, more youthful looking skin.



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