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Find Balance Between Aging and Anti-Aging

January 19, 2022

Find Balance Between Aging and Anti-Aging

I don't know about you, but I am tired of feeling bad about myself just because I've had 50+ birthdays. I choose to show those who want me to become invisible just because I am an older woman - I will not!

But it is also important not to be overly self-absorbed in holding on to our youth – this would lead to imbalance.

Here’s a perspective on finding balance between aging and anti-aging I hope you'll appreciate.

To accept aging as inevitable for ALL OF US is where we start. No one, no matter how rich, famous, or beautiful avoids aging. Embracing this reality is the first step toward balancing aging and anti-aging.

The next step is making choices based on what is right for us as an individual. Aging gracefully will look different from one person to the next because what matters to one person, may not matter to another - and that's okay! There is no right or wrong to the prioritization of what matters to each of us. It's simply different.

When we allow ourselves to choose what makes us feel at home in our own skin, versus feeling like we MUST measure up to unrealistic standards set by airbrushed perfection in movies and magazines, we can make informed, healthy choices for ourselves - and find balance between aging and anti-aging. 

We must STOP judging one another for the choices made. 

Just because a best friend chooses to undergo a facelift, does not make her "wrong", and it doesn't make you "wrong" if you choose not to. Just because a cousin decides to stop coloring her hair and go natural, does not make her less beautiful. It's just means she is embracing her natural color. It is her right (and yours) to choose to color or not color. 

Respecting each other's choices without judgement, is how we support one another. And don't get me started on how we are judged by our size. It is bad enough society is judging, when we judge each other, it's heartbreaking. 

Busting the stereotypes of what healthy looks like is improving as the science catches up with a dietary system shoved down our throats by big business and big pharma. We know just because someone is skinny doesn't mean they're healthy and just because someone is not skinny, doesn't mean they are not healthy. Genetics have a big part to play in body size.

The bottom line is, if we can move with ease, and our blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar numbers are good, the number on the scale and the size of our jeans should be irrelevant! We are taught not to trust our own bodies - but most of us instinctively KNOW what works for us and what doesn't. 

Let's stop apologizing for having the body we have - and instead - be grateful for it - and simply honor and respect it with healthy choices right for us as individuals.

In closing, the key to finding balance between aging and anti-aging is to embrace aging as inevitable and unapologetically make choices based on what makes us feel good in our skin.

We can be as vibrant, sexy, sensual, active, and capable as we want to be.

Let’s stop feeling bad or apologizing for having another birthday. Let's celebrate our age while being the best version of ourselves we can be.


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