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Create Your At-Home Facial Contour Massage Treatment

November 27, 2020

Create Your At-Home Facial Contour Massage Treatment

We're all stuck at home more than we'd like to be these days. So why not take advantage of this time to create your at-home facial contour massage treatment. It will feel great and you'll achieve some anti-aging benefits. 

It's always best to start with clean skin so give your face a nice cleanse with your favorite cleanser. Let's start first with understanding facial anatomy.

Understanding Facial Anatomy

We'll begin by learning specialized movements based on facial anatomy. It's important to understand how fascia and muscles are layered over the face. For example, when you understand how the muscle that runs from the brow bone up to the forehead is the area to work in order to lift a heavy eye lid, you don't waste your time on with movements that won't help.

Spoiler Alert! Some will see a slight immediate lift, while others will require a few weeks to a few months of consistent treatments to achieve lift. Remember, aging doesn't happen overnight, neither does reversing the signs of aging. Your commitment will pay off - if you do not give up! Anti-aging is a lifetime commitment. A little bit of work on your part could save you thousands of dollars on an invasive procedure.

Manual Release Techniques

The following videos are about 10 minutes or so in length but you will only spend about 2 minutes on each move. Get comfy and follow along with me.

The Anma for a Facial Contouring Massage Treatment

Why the Anma? 

It may seem counter-intuitive but you will apply a VERY LIGHT pressure when using the Anma. The pressure applied should not stretch the skin. The goal is to stay on the surface of the skin when using the Anma. 

Watch this video to learn how to use the Anma in your at-home facial contour massage. 

Using Microcurrent Facial Toning

Now that you have blood flow going and you've released stuck fascia, it's time to work on the muscle toning. 

Microcurrent is the most effective technology for toning. I love the simplicityof the Clareblend Mini Microcurrent. Watch this video to learn the perfect technique called 'Lift and Hold".

In the Christine Byer Beauty Club we did a 12 Day Microcurrent Challenge. Hop in the club now to watch a brief video for each of the 12 days, showing the steps and see before and after pictures of some of the club members who participated.

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