FAQ MBK Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency: 500 kHz, Infrared 880nm

✔️Electromagnetic energy activates collagen shrinking and rejuvenates skin

✔️Shown to help tighten and lift loose skin to contour face

✔️Thermal effect could improve the micro-circulation, accelerating the metabolism, keeping skin smooth, elastic and hydrated.

✔️RF helps improve the penetration of skincare products

✔️The wavelength of infrared is 880 nm, it's invisible to the eye. It penetrates deep into the skin, and generates thermal energy, which activates cells, promoting blood circulation and metabolism.


Radio Frequency or RF is a high-frequency electro-magnetic wave which inputs electromagnetic energy into the dermal layers of the skin, stimulating the dermis, heating the collagen to 45~60 ℃, activating collagen shrinkage and re-generating thickness and density to the skin.

Whether the results are minimal or modest, a major benefit of RF is that treatment induces collagen. Even if not enough collagen is produced to tighten the skin, having healthy collagen is beneficial. At the very least, it may slow the signs of aging. In other words, RF treatments may be preventative.

  • Innovative multi-point RF treatment probes, which output RF energy to effectively rejuvenate skin
  • Integrating high energy infrared, improves efficacy
  • Portable and cordless making it easy to carry and use anywhere
  • Inductive design, the treatment probes only work when touching the skin making it energy-saving
  • Low/Medium/High level options
  • Charging and 'fully charged' indicator lights

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