Clareblend Mini Microcurrent Before and Afters

The following before and after photos are the results of just 12 days of Clareblend Mini Microcurrent use for 10 minutes or so.

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The overall shape of this customer's face is more lifted with better cheek definition and softer marionette lines.

This customer achieved brighter, smoother skin and more definition at the cheek with an improved jawline.

Once again this customer has achieved an overall lift, with improved  color around the eyes with smoother appearance in the mouth area. 

Wow! Greatly improved overall appearance of skin, smoothing of wrinkles with a lift at the cheeks and plumping of mouth wrinkles.

This customer is creating a more defined and lifted face with a more youthful under chin area as well as smoothing of her entire profile.

What a nice lift in the cheek making marionette lines decrease, with an improvement across the lower lip and chin area. Plus, her eyes look more youthful.

This customer's overall face looks more lifted with much more definition in the chin and cheek area and more even skin tone. 

What a nice overall lift here with much more definition in the cheek bone area, a softening of the upper lip and eyes that are lifted and brighter.

Healthier skin is revealed here with a great lift at the eyes, smoother marionette lines creating a more youthful overall appearance. 

 Wow! Brighter looking skin with improved skin tone, a great lift at the eyes and cheeks!

More definition in the cheek area, with a softening at the eyes and around the mouth and jawline.

Great improvement here with an overall lift and smoothing across the forehead, and a more defined jawline.

Incredible cheek lift creating a more chiseled jawline. Eyes are more lifted in the bottom picture at the brow line and down into the temples.

Again, all of these results are with 12 consecutive days of 10 minutes or so of the Clareblend Mini Microcurrent.

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