CBE Botanicals You Are Beautiful Lip Gloss


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Every time you pick up this lip gloss you will be reminded You Are Beautiful! 

This is more than just a lip gloss. This is lip nourishment at its best! You'll have showstopper lips with just the right amount of gloss. This will become your go-to lip product.

What Makes You Are Beautiful Lip Gloss so wonderful? 

A botanical extract from a species of the cork tree is combined with two peptides that mimic the principal structural components of the lips strengthening and improving your lips.

Plumping agent - got to love this - with Sodium Hyaluronate because lips with less wrinkles are youthful looking lips!

Hydrating powerhouse with Sunflower Seed Oil and peptides for antioxidant benefits and protection with Vitamins C & E. 

SUPER SAFE! Paraben-free. Gluten Free. Cruelty Free. Phthalate Free. Sulfate Free. GMO Free.  Silicone Free. Vegan Friendly.

    Toss a couple in your cart. You'll be obsessed after one application and your BFF will want one! 

    CBE Botanicals You Are Beautiful Lip Gloss

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    CBE Botanicals You Are Beautiful Lip Gloss

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