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What You Need to Know About Layering Skincare Products

December 13, 2019

What You Need to Know About Layering Skincare Products

You’re standing at your vanity table and you’re admiring all the great products you have in your arsenal of skincare… and you think, now what?

Let’s start with a conversation around using multiple products in your daily skincare regimen. NEWS FLASH! More isn’t always better. For example, I don’t use every product in my store every day. The prioritization of product use should be based on the current health and condition of your skin. One of the biggest mistakes skincare enthusiasts make is piling on product after product – and then wondering why they are not seeing the results they desire. The reason is LESS is more with skincare products.

I can hear you now… but what about my serums, what about this, what about that? Let’s begin by learning how to prioritize your skincare products.


The first priority is a daily and nightly cleansing regimen. Choose a cleanser that has a PH of 4.5 – 6. If after you wash your face, it feels dry and stressed, you’re either using too much cleanser (most are pretty concentrated) and not enough water – OR – your cleanser is wrong for your skin. If your skin doesn’t feel balanced or feels like there’s some kind of residue on it after cleansing, you need to choose a different cleanser. It’s important to get the cleanser formula right for your skin because this step will make or break what comes next. If your cleanser is stressing your skin, then you’ll inadvertently make it harder for other products to work.


Another important practice for your skincare regimen, especially for aging gracefully, is a great eye serum or cream. Genetics, ultraviolet (UV) rays, daily stress, and lifestyle choices can age the skin around the eyes. The eye serum or cream you choose should be made for eyes. The reason for this is the skin around the eye area is the thinnest on the human body. Therefore, the formula of the eye serum/cream must have a structure that isn’t too heavy and can penetrate without clogging the pores. Remember to treat this skin delicately as excess tugging and pulling will create premature signs of aging – AND – wear sunglasses year-round to protect your eyes from UV rays and excessive squinting.


Here’s where confusion can occur with regard to layering products. If you’re using a product for the treatment of a condition (acne, rosacea, psoriasis, dermatitis, inflammation, severe skin damage, etc.), it’s important to apply these products to clean skin. Once applied according to directions, allow a minute or two for them to completely absorb and dry before going on to the next steps. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know this is when I apply NeoGenesis Recovery because it treats skin damage. This product is a treatment in itself so I’m a devout user of this product for the sun damage of my youth.

NOTE: If you’re using a retinoid (or the less potent form – retinol), it is best to apply this product at night. They will make the skin more sensitive to UV which means it will burn faster when exposed to the sun. And, they can cause redness until the skin adjusts so best to have that happen while you sleep instead of during the day.


Serums are lightweight formulas with concentrated active ingredients. The lighter formula allows the ingredients to penetrate deeper. What makes them lightweight is little to no petrolatum ingredient and fewer lubricating and thickening agents, like nut or seed oils. They cost more due to containing more of the active ingredients. A tip to make your serum last longer is to apply once a day, instead of twice daily.

While serums draw moisture into the skin, they don’t have ‘sealing’ ingredients that hold moisture in. Serums are typically used in conjunction with a high-quality moisturizer. When your moisturizing needs increase in winter months, adding a serum can be beneficial. Serums are products like NeoGenesis Booster and NeoGenesis Skin Serum.

Because serums penetrate quickly, they can be too much for sensitive skin. I don’t recommend using more than two serums at once. If you have some favorites, it’s a good idea to alternate days or use a couple in the morning and others at night. Not everyone needs a serum so if you’re skin is relatively good, you can probably skip the serums altogether.


The final step to your skincare regimen is to moisturize and protect. It’s not unusual to have more than one moisturizer in your product inventory. Moisture needs change as the season's change, as hormones fluctuate, and even with changes in your diet.

During winter when we’re inside more with drier air, it’s not unusual to need a more hydrating moisturizer. Think NeoGenesis Intensive Moisturizer. In summer months when you’re sweating more from outdoor activities, using a lighter moisturizer (NeoGenesis Light Moisturizer) can be necessary.

Choosing a moisturizer with some cosmeceutical benefits will help prevent or even correct fine wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation, and other signs of aging. I like alternating between my NeoGenesis and Sculplla products depending on my moisture needs.

Protecting your skin from sun damage should also be an important part of your skincare regimen. This can be done by choosing a stand-alone sunscreen and many makeup lines are adding SPF making it easy to stay protected.

In a future article, we’ll talk about device protocols when using multiple devices in your age management practices.


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