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The Secret to Lifting Jowls

June 18, 2021

The Secret to Lifting Jowls

Are you starting to notice jowls forming? No one finds them attractive, but what can we do to prevent them, and how can we fix this troublesome area? Don't worry. I will reveal my secrets! 

There are several options to choose from, ranging from noninvasive to invasive. Whatever you choose is a personal choice, and this should be a NO-JUDGMENT zone and a decision you feel good about. When choosing an invasive option, you must do extensive research and check references thoroughly. There's a lot of charlatans out there. Not doing your homework on invasive options can have devastating results.


Let's look at what causes jowls and the secret(s) to lifting them.


What Causes Jowls to Form?


Jowls begin forming when there is fat and/or bone loss in the face.

BONE LOSS occurs in the jaw area from tooth loss or gum disease, or other issues such as clinching. This can lead to tissue loss in your jaw. Smoking can affect the density of the bone in all areas of the body, including the jaw.


FAT LOSS can occur during the aging process, changes in hormone levels, weight loss, and even exposure to the sun, smoking, or injury. Medications can also cause fat volume loss in the face. Any kind of fat loss can lead to jowls.


Jowls also form when there is a collagen shortage that makes skin sag from losing its elasticity. Collagen production can decrease as we age, and that is why I constantly encourage starting a skincare routine before things get out of hand. Good skincare in our youth sets the stage for skin that ages gracefully.

If you have thicker skin, more fat (i.e. full face), or more collagen exists in the cheeks and chin, then you likely won't experience this issue.

What are the Secrets to Lifting Jowls?

First, let's look at the noninvasive ways of lifting jowls.

Choosing high-performance products that stimulate collagen production is crucial. Products like S²RM® (adult skin stem cell molecules) in NeoGenesis products restore skin to its natural state with a balanced tone and texture. The PLLA line prompts the skin to make more collagen and thickens skin with continued use are two of my favorite noninvasive secret weapons. 

Choosing devices that lift and tighten muscles like the gentle yet effective Clareblend Mini Microcurrent. The Time Master Pro is fantastic for promoting collagen production through the penetration of Pro Grade ultrasound at 90,000 sound waves per second. It truly helps to add tone and texture to skin prompting it to wake up, firm up, and glow. The Clareblend Mini Microcurrent is the best home-use microcurrent device on the market. The easy plug-in and use variable current never goes so high it zaps the skin, so there is no risk of muscle fatigue, making the face look worse. Microcurrent used consistently can produce amazing results. 

Noninvasive procedures that should *always* be performed by a trained professional are radiofrequency, lasers, and chemical peels. The secret to how these work is they change the composition of the skin over time, making it thicker and more elastic.

And, of course, the invasive option of a facelift. Facelift surgery is an ideal solution for moderate to significant jowls. If you've gone many years neglecting your skin and now you're ready to take care of yourself, this is an option to reverse the years of neglect, but you will need to commit to a skincare routine to maintain it. 

WARNING - If you don't maintain a good skincare routine AFTER a facelift, you will waste your money. Aging never stops! Skin still has to be maintained to stay lifted and toned - even after a facelift. A facelift designed to lift and tighten sagging facial tissue can effectively reduce the appearance of jowls and create a more defined appearance. Again, do not make this decision without triple-checking the professional for safety and quality work.

What Doesn't Work?

Facial exercises have not been proven to work; in fact, they can make jowls worse in some cases. Those proposing facial exercises are likely unfamiliar with the anatomy of the face. The small, delicate muscles of the face do not respond like the larger muscles of the body. Without knowing which muscles in the face impact others, a repeated expression such as those in facial exercises could be counterproductive.

Eating poorly (lots of sugar and refined foods), smoking, constant unprotected sun exposure, and repeated dehydration - while using any of the recommendations above - is like pouring salt in a wound and not expecting it to hurt. A malnourished body will produce malnourished skin. 

Click the image below to watch a video to learn my jowl lifting techniques.


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